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Tuesday September 7th, 2021 day edition

image for Judge says Ohio hospital cannot be forced to use ivermectin to treat Covid, reversing earlier decision

A judge ruled Monday that an Ohio hospital cannot be forced to give a patient ivermectin for Covid-19, reversing an earlier decision that ordered it to administer a parasite medication that has not been approved to treat the disease.

Oster also cited problems with research into using ivermectin to treat the disease, including the withdrawal of a non-peer-reviewed study from a website that posts academic pre-prints.

Julie Smith, the wife of the patient, Jeffrey Smith, had sued the hospital to force doctors to administer the medication.

Jeffrey Smith, 51, tested positive for the virus on July 9 and was admitted to West Chester Hospital nearly a week later, according to court documents.

He was intubated on Aug. 1, and by Aug. 19 his chances of survival had dipped below 30 percent.

A different judge issued a temporary injunction Aug. 23, ordering doctors to begin administering the medication for two weeks.

UC Health, which operates West Chester Hospital, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. »

Bolsonaro is stoking a Capitol riot-style insurrection in Brazil that could happen as early as Tuesday, more than 20 ex-world leaders warn

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Former world leaders warned that Bolsonaro is backing a coup akin to the Capitol riot.

Brazil's far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, is backing a coup in his country apparently modeled on the January 6 storming of the US Capitol, a group of former world leaders have warned.

In an open letter released Monday, 26 former world leaders and dozens of former ministers said Bolsonaro was supporting a potential coup. »

Northshore pizza dough blob grows to enormous proportions, overtakes dumpster post-Ida

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A mass of pizza dough discarded by a Domino's Pizza employee tasked with prepping the Covington pizzeria for Hurricane Ida has grown to enormous proportions over the last week.

What started as a blob fully contained by the dumpster has risen and overtopped its metal confines thanks to temperatures that hovered in the 90s.

Resident Nicole Amstutz, a self-described "Snacktion Reporter," has documented the blob's growth since Wednesday via social media. »

Sri Lanka’s Financial Emergency: A Bigger Challenge Than LTTE?

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President Gotabaya Rajapaksa clamped a financial emergency on the island-state on August 30 and appointed Major General Niwunhella as Commissionaire General Essential Services.

The emergency is to help the government dictate retail prices and provide the public essentials at an affordable price.

Importers are pleading with the government to lift the financial emergency to avoid a supply side shortage. »

Supreme Court trashed its own authority in a rush to gut Roe v Wade

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Over time, the court has jealously guarded its authority against those who have challenged it.

His five conservative colleagues seem so eager to gut Roe that they are willing to disembowel the judiciary’s own authority.

Dennis Aftergut is a former federal prosecutor, who has successfully argued before the Supreme Court. »