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Sunday September 5th, 2021 evening edition

image for Doctors Say Texas Leaders Failed To Stop COVID-19 From Spreading – Houston Public Media

A republican state legislature has failed us,” said Dr. David Portugal a cardiologist in Sugarland, Texas.

"These leaders should be held accountable and be asked to explain how they can justify taking actions that are killing their fellow Texans.".

But the continued litigation and threats to school districts has left confusion and patchwork of policies that many doctors see as exacerbating the COVID surge.

"Hospital staff and resources are stretched to the breaking point," said Dr. Elena Jimenez-Gutierrez, an internal medicine physician in San Antonio.

He authorized more monoclonal antibody therapy centers — though doctors say the wait to get the treatment is as long as 10 days.

Bell County which includes Temple, Texas, has requested a second FEMA trailer with an extra storage capacity of 50 bodies.

Doctors and many local leaders wish the state would do more to prevent that. »

California legislature passes bill that would end qualified immunity for police officers, sending it to governor's desk

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The bill, which failed in the California legislature last year, reemerged as a result of the George Floyd protests.

The National Police Support Fund, a grassroots pro-police organization, believes that qualified immunity is necessary for police officers to do their jobs.

Insider reached out to several California police departments and lawmakers who declined to comment on the bill. »

Majority of Ida's NYC Victims Died in Illegally Converted Basements, Cellars: City

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"Nothing could prepare you for this... we've been living here for so many years, [we] never expected this," one Hollis woman said.

The 43-year-old woman and her 22-year-old son died in an illegally converted basement unit, as did eight of the other victims elsewhere in Queens and neighboring Brooklyn, according to the city.

"To prevent these problems in the future, we must also ensure that basement units are safe for human occupancy and regularly inspected. »

US to give each incoming Afghan evacuee up to $2,275 in aid

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The money is to be used for housing, food, other necessities and enrolling children in school.

We’ve never done anything like this,” said Chris George, executive director of Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services in New Haven, Connecticut.

He added that he had also brought in an education coordinator to register children for school and arrange for tutoring. »