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Wednesday September 1st, 2021 morning edition

image for ‘You went to Cancun’: Ted Cruz mocked for tweeting ‘America doesn’t leave Americans behind’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attempted to criticize the handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan by saying that “America doesn’t leave Americans behind.”

For that, he was quickly reminded of how he fled for Cancun during a weather emergency in his state.

Cruz quote tweeted a video from CNN that was shared by the Republican National Committee late on Monday night.

In the video, a reporter speaks about a Texas family who had “been going to the airport for two weeks” trying to get out of the country.

In response to the video, Cruz tweeted: “This is horrifying.

“Bold words from a man who left all the Americans in his state behind to vacation in Cancun,” another user added.

It’s been a rough day online for Cruz, who also incorrectly claimed the Taliban hung a person from a U.S. helicopter. »

Japan seeks record $50 billion defense budget to counter an increasingly aggressive China

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“As surrounding countries strengthen their military power significantly by increasing their defense budget, the security environment surrounding Japan is growing increasingly severe,” Tuesday’s budget request stated.

Abe expanded the role and capabilities of the Japan Self-Defense Forces, a trend his successor, Yoshihide Suga, continued with a record defense budget for fiscal 2021.

Japan faces, among many other challenges, assertive claims by China over the Senkaku Islands northeast of Taiwan that Japan administers. »

Rumour: Nintendo Will Expand Its Switch Online Service With Game Boy And Game Boy Color Titles

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In the latest "Nate the Hate" podcast, known insider 'NateDrake' talks about how Nintendo might be adding Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles in the coming weeks.

While the purpose of the remaining emulators still hasn't been revealed, both Nate and his co-host 'MVG' believe the third one 'Hiyoko' is likely for "Game Boy and Game Boy Color" titles.

Nintendo Life has also confirmed with its own sources that Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles are likely coming to the Switch Online service "really soon". »

Walgreens becomes newest member of the $15 an hour club

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About half of Walgreens' 190,000 employees already make at least $15 an hour and will not see their pay increased.

The $15 increase, which applies to both full- and part-time workers, will be phased in and completed by November 2022.

Paying $15 an hour is a way to entice employees to stay at Walgreens or to attract job candidates, according to CEO Roz Brewer. »

Kanye West reportedly tried to move actual childhood home into stadium for ‘DONDA’ listening event

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Kanye West requested to transport his childhood home to the Chicago stadium that hosted his final ‘DONDA’ listening event.

West eventually commissioned a replica of his boyhood home to be built inside Soldier Field stadium for his third and final ‘DONDA’ listening party on Thursday (August 26).

An NME review of the event described how Ye set himself on fire besides the replica house. »