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Tuesday August 31st, 2021 night edition

image for Nike closes offices for a week to give employees a mental health break

Global apparel and shoe company Nike is putting some of its employees’ mental health ahead of productivity.

It has closed its corporate offices for the week so employees can “enjoy additional time off to rest and recover,” according to a statement.

Matt Marrazzo, a senior manager at Nike, posted on his LinkedIn page: “It’s not just a ‘week off’ for the team ... It’s an acknowledgment that we can prioritize mental health and still get work done.”.

“I like raising the focus of mental health as a basis for people to take their time off, not just when they’re physically ill,” Tippett said.

While those in the corporate offices are getting the paid week off, others aren’t getting it at all.

In 2020 and 2021, companies began placing more of an emphasis on employees’ mental health by giving them more time off.

Microsoft said it’s added five “wellbeing days” to its paid time-off benefits globally to help employees prioritize their health. »

Biden's child tax credit kept 3 million children out of poverty in just its first round of payments

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The authors note that this monthly decline was driven by the first advance child tax credit payment where the credit alone kept about three million children out of poverty.

Coronavirus relief measures altogether seem to have been effective in reducing child poverty, keeping 6 million children out of poverty in just July.

The Urban Institute recently estimated how much the child poverty rate could drop with the expanded child tax credit and found "4.3 million fewer children would be in poverty in a typical year, representing over a 40 percent decrease in child poverty.". »

Rand Paul says scientists won't study horse-deworming drug ivermectin's use as a potential COVID cure because of their 'hatred for Trump'

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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said researchers won't study ivermectin because of their "hatred for Trump.".

The FDA and CDC are asking people to avoid the drug, which is used to deworm horses and cows.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said researchers won't study the toxic livestock-deworming drug ivermectin as a potential COVID treatment because of their dislike for former President Donald Trump. »

Fact check: Conservative tweeters falsely claim Biden didn't show up at Dover to honor troops' remains

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham amplified a similar tweet; she added, "The Biden administration doesn't care about our troops."

(When another conservative commentator replied that the claim had not been confirmed, Grenell added, "I pray no one made this mistake.").

In fact, well before those tweets, television networks had plans in place to cover Biden's travel to Dover. »