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Monday August 30th, 2021 evening edition

image for Men not allowed to teach girls in Afghanistan: Taliban ban coeducation

The Taliban have formally announced a ban on coeducation in Afghanistan (Representational).

The Taliban have formally announced a ban on coeducation in Afghanistan, saying men would not be allowed to teach girl students in the country.

"Men will not be allowed to teach girls," said Taliban higher education minister Shaikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani.

The statement comes a day after Shaikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani was appointed the acting minister of higher education in Afghanistan.

Last week, Taliban officials in Afghanistan’s Herat province ordered that girls would no longer be allowed to sit in the same classes as boys in universities.

The Taliban officials reportedly said that there was "no justification or alternative for continuing co-education", according to a report in Khaama News.

In Afghanistan, women who comprise nearly 50% of the total population have been living in dread for the return of the Taliban. »

Hostile school board meetings have members calling it quits

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A growing number of school board members across the U.S. are resigning or questioning their willingness to serve as meetings have devolved into shouting contests over contentious issues including masks in schools.

School board members are largely unpaid volunteers, traditionally former educators and parents who step forward to shape school policy, choose a superintendent and review the budget. »

Rand Paul says scientists won't study horse-deworming drug ivermectin's use as a potential COVID cure because of their 'hatred for Trump'

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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said researchers won't study ivermectin because of their "hatred for Trump.".

The FDA and CDC are asking people to avoid the drug, which is used to deworm horses and cows.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said researchers won't study the toxic livestock-deworming drug ivermectin as a potential COVID treatment because of their dislike for former President Donald Trump. »

Biden Deserves Credit, Not Blame, for Afghanistan

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President Biden deserves credit, not blame.

They argued that the United States should stay in Afghanistan, that the cost of remaining was worth the benefits a small force might bring.

Despite the criticism, Biden, who had argued unsuccessfully when he was Barack Obama’s vice president to seriously reduce America’s presence in Afghanistan, remained resolute. »