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Sunday August 29th, 2021 night edition

image for Starbucks workers in New York are organizing to form first US union

Fifty Starbucks workers in New York are trying to form a union, which would be the first in the US for the coffee chain if successful.

Last week, the group of workers in the Buffalo area publicly announced their union organizing drive and the formation of their organizing committee, Starbucks Workers United, in a letter to the Starbucks CEO, Kevin Johnson.

Rizzo and several other workers emphasized chronic understaffing, lack of seniority pay and communication problems between workers and corporate as some of the issues workers seek to resolve through organizing a union.

Brian Murray, a Starbucks barista for four months who signed onto the union organizing letter, explained how workers and customers are affected by understaffing problems.

“They don’t have a company without baristas making the coffee,” said Kayla Sterner, a Starbucks barista who signed onto the union organizing letter.

Earlier this month, an administrative law judge ruled Starbucks illegally fired two workers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in retaliation for union organizing.

Due to this record, the workers who announced the latest union organizing drive called on Starbucks to agree to fair election principles, including agreeing to non-interference during the union organizing drive and election and refraining from any threats, intimidation or retaliation against workers involved. »

U.S. House Jan. 6 committee demands Trump White House records

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Trump, in a statement late on Wednesday, called the committee's request "a partisan sham and waste of taxpayer dollars.".

The letters also ask for documents and communications related to members of his family, some of whom had official roles at the White House.

House Democrats formed the committee, despite objections from Trump's fellow Republicans in the House, to investigate the assault on the Capitol. »

Harvard University’s new chief chaplain is … an atheist

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Harvard University, originally founded with a mission to educate clergymen in order to minister to New England’s early Puritan colonists, has a new chief chaplain.

As Harvard University’s new chief chaplain, Epstein will coordinate activities of over 40 chaplains from more than 20 different religious, spiritual and ethical traditions.

Although the appointment of an atheist as president of the university’s chaplains may seem unorthodox, many Harvard students attest to the influence that Epstein has had on them. »

Brazil’s Indigenous Groups Mount Unprecedented Protest Against Destruction of the Amazon

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The government doesn’t suffer,” said Pasyma Panará, president of the Iakiô Association in the Xingu region of the Amazon.

Struggle for Life More than 6,000 representatives of 176 Indigenous groups pitched tents and lashed together bamboo shelters for seven days of protest and cultural exchange.

Eighteen percent of the Amazon has already been cut down and the rate of destruction has only increased under Bolsonaro. »

MAGA influencer challenging for AOC’s seat in Congress joined Capitol riot: report

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One of the members of that mob, according to a new investigation from fact-checking site Snopes, was Tina Forte, a Republican congressional candidate who is challenging the New York Democrat for her seat in the House in 2022.

“We’re going to the capitol, and we’re going to fight for Trump,” she wrote.

The MAGA influencer has a huge following online, including more than 222,000 Twitter followers alone, so this content was likely seen by tens of thousands of people, if not more. »