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Sunday August 29th, 2021 evening edition

image for Company behind PUBG working on a new fantasy series ‘Project Windless’

Krafton – The company behind PUBG is working on a new fantasy epic project “Project Windless.”

Krafton is mainly known as the company behind the PUBG, which took it from the scratch and shake the whole mobile gaming world.

Now, Krafton is working on a big fantasy series after licensing the Korean novel The Bird That Drinks Tears by Lee Yeong-do, a multimedia series including games and beyond, according to The Verge.

They [Krafton] called the project “Project Windless,” it is in its earliest stages of production.

Legendary concept artist “Iain McCaig” and Kraftons’s art director Kwang Jae Son is now working on “Visual Bible” for the Project Windless.

Jae Son said that Krafton is looking into several other fantasy series to get guidance.

And since then, the IP has been produced as a series and has grown into a global IP loved by many. »

Female octopuses throw things at males that are harassing them

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An analysis of footage of octopuses off the coast of Australia “throwing” shells and silt suggests that they intentionally target – and often hit – other octopuses.

In most cases, it is females that do the throwing, often at males that are harassing them.

In one case, after a male’s advances to a female were rejected, he threw a shell in a random direction and changed colour. »

Singapore vaccinates 80 percent of population against COVID-19

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With 80 percent of its people fully inoculated against COVID-19, Singapore is now the world’s most vaccinated country, according to Reuters.

Singapore has fully inoculated 80 percent of its 5.7 million people against COVID-19, according to officials, becoming the world’s most vaccinated country and setting the stage for further easing of curbs.

“We have crossed another milestone, where 80% of our population has received their full regimen of two doses,” Singapore’s Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said in a Facebook post on Sunday. »

Landlord faces homelessness as tenants fall behind on rent during eviction ban

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After notifying tenants they had to move out so she could move in, the tenants stopped paying rent and stayed put, she said.

Despite more than $23,000 in unpaid rent, LaCasse can't force her tenants out because of state and federal moratoriums on evictions.

A new report shows that nearly 10% of landlords around the country collected less than half of their rent in 2020. »

California: mother fights off mountain lion with bare hands to save 5-year-old son

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A mountain lion that attacked a 5-year-old boy in southern California has been shot and killed by a wildlife officer, authorities say.

“She ran out of the house and started punching and striking the mountain lion with her bare hands and got him off her son,” he said.

Once at the house, the officer discovered a mountain lion crouching in the bushes with its “ears back and hissing” at him, Foy said. »