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Saturday August 28th, 2021 day edition

image for “Inescapable” COVID-19 Antibody Discovery – Neutralizes All Known SARS-CoV-2 Strains

An antibody therapy that appears to neutralize all known SARS-CoV-2 strains, and other coronaviruses, was developed with a little help from structural biologist Jay Nix.

Lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines are allowing us to feel optimistic again, after more than a year of anxiety and tragedy.

But vaccines are only one side of the coin – we also need treatments that can prevent severe disease after someone has been infected.

Experiments showed that this antibody, called S309, neutralizes all known SARS-CoV-2 strains – including newly emerged mutants that can now “escape” from previous antibody therapies – as well as the closely related original SARS-CoV virus.

Using biochemical and structural analysis, deep mutational scanning, and binding experiments, they identified one antibody with unparalleled universal potency.

Subsequent tests in hamsters suggest that this antibody could even prevent a COVID-19 infection if given prophylactically.

The Advanced Light Source and SLAC’s Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource are Department of Energy Office of Science User Facilities. »

Chinese university allegedly compiling list of LGBT+ students: ‘This is scary’

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Shanghai University in China is reportedly compiling a list of LGBT+ students, according to a leaked document – and nobody knows why.

“It looks like Shanghai University isn’t the only university to ask for ‘reports’ on LGBT students and keep track of them,” they wrote.

He shared a screenshot of what is allegedly a “directive” from senior officials at Shanghai University. »

A Wisconsin school district says students can 'become spoiled' with free meals and opts out of Biden's free-lunch program

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A federally funded US Department of Agriculture program that was launched in April gives free meals to all K-12 students, regardless of income.

But students who are in the Waukesha School District won't get to participate in that program, as it is the only district in Wisconsin to opt out of it.

Instead of allowing any student to qualify for free school meals, Waukesha voted to return to the National School Lunch Program, which requires families to fill out an application to qualify for free or reduced-price school meals. »

Alleged GTA 6 Voice Actor Reveals The Name of a New Character

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According to Dave Jackson, a voice-over artist who also cites the identity of this new character, GTA 6 voice acting has begun.

According to Dave Jackson, he has been cast as police head Captain McLane in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game.

It might imply that Rockstar is in the process of casting actors to voice characters in their upcoming GTA, which is expected to be GTA 6. »

12-Year-Old Earns $400,000 Selling NFTs to Idiots

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Ahmed made his fortune almost overnight with a collection of 3,350 NFTs that he named “Weird Whales.”

READ MORE: This 12-year-old coder is set to earn over $400,000 after about 2 months selling NFTs [CNBC].

More on NFTs: Crypto Titan Makes Grandiose, Nonsense Claim That NFTs “Liberate” Art. »