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Thursday August 26th, 2021 evening edition

image for As US exits Afghanistan, China eyes $1 trillion in minerals

Four decades of war — first with the Soviet Union, then between warring tribes, then with the U.S. — prevented that from happening.

“Afghanistan in turn has what China most prizes: opportunities in infrastructure and industry building — areas in which China’s capabilities are arguably unmatched — and access to $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits.”.

For that scenario to have even a remote possibility, much depends on what happens the next few weeks.

Another report argued the “the U.S. is in no position to meddle with any potential cooperation between China and Afghanistan, including on rare earths.”.

Reports have emerged of targeted killings, a massacre of ethnic minorities, violent suppression of protests and Taliban soldiers demanding to marry local women.

“Everyone’s just in crisis mode,” said Sarah Wahedi, a 26-year-old tech entrepreneur from Afghanistan who recently fled the country.

“I don’t see the entrepreneurs getting back to business unless there’s a huge overhaul in the Taliban’s behavior. »

Developer Fixing Saints Row 2's Long-Lost PC Version Has Died

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Having long been presumed lost, in 2019 Volition were able to get their hands on the source code for Saints Row 2, and quickly set about fixing the game’s long-broken PC version.

That work has been led by one man, Community Developer Mike Watson, who this week sadly passed away.

You are probably wondering what will happen with the Saints Row 2 patch project. »

Anti-parasite drug used on Arkansas jail's inmates for COVID

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-- Inmates at a northwest Arkansas jail have been prescribed ivermectin to combat COVID-19, despite warnings from federal health officials that the antiparasitic drug should not be used to treat the coronavirus.

It's not clear what information inmates who were prescribed the drug have been given about it, including warnings that it isn't approved to treat COVID.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas criticized the drug being prescribed to inmates, citing the FDA's warnings about the drug. »

Unvaccinated pregnant nurse, unborn baby die after she contracts Covid

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A pregnant nurse wanted to wait to get the Covid-19 vaccination because she was concerned about how it would affect her unborn daughter.

Now, the woman's husband is raising awareness after the virus took the lives of his wife and their baby.

Pregnant nurse Haley Mulkey Richardson and her unborn child died due to complications caused by Covid-19. »