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Monday August 23rd, 2021 evening edition

image for Six Irish people airlifted from Sweden's highest mountain after freezing night stranded on peak

A group of Irish people were airlifted from Sweden's highest mountain on Monday morning after they were stranded there overnight.

Six people were airlifted from the summit of Kebnekaise after they endured a freezing night on the peak of the mountain.

They had set out on Sunday to climb the 2,100 metres to the top of the mountain and reached the top.

They were able to contact emergency services on their phones after they became stranded on the mountain.

Temperatures reached lows of -10C while strong winds also hit, with one person reported to have been wearing shorts on the baltic summit.

Swedish Mountain Rescue managed to airlift the climbers to safety by making two separate trips up the mountain on Monday morning.

He advised people to check Mountain Rescue Ireland for tips and advice ahead of making a trip abroad the climb a mountain. »

The Afghan all-girls robotics team have been offered scholarships at 'incredible universities,' says Oklahoma mother who helped them escape the Taliban

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A mother from Oklahoma helped rescue members of the all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan.

A 60-year-old Oklahoma mother who helped several members of an internationally recognized all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan escape the country said they are feeling "so grateful" to be out.

The all-girl Afghan robotics team made headlines back in 2017 when they traveled to Washington DC for an international robotics competition. »

Team Trump struggles to defend former president's Taliban deal

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"You know, I think everybody's wanting to go back and talk about Trump," Haley said, quickly changing the subject in her next breath.

And yet, other leading voices on Team Trump have condemned the Biden administration for not hewing closely enough to the same deal some Trump administration officials have condemned.

With the benefit of hindsight, it seems everybody should talk about the extent to which the Trump administration created the conditions that Team Trump is so eager to complain about now. »

Call of Duty: Vanguard trailer’s removal of Activision was a “creative choice”

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The name ‘Activision’ is conspicuously absent from the entire trailer, which begins with “Call of Duty presents” followed by “a Sledgehammer Games production”.

According to Activision, the publisher removing its own name was “a creative choice that reflects how Vanguard represents the next major installment in the franchise.”.

Activision Blizzard is facing a lawsuit filed in July by the state of California alleging years of discrimination and harassment. »

Opinion | Republicans Have Gone Too Far in the Region Hit Hardest by Covid

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“Opting out of wearing masks is putting all of our children in harm’s way.”.

For people whose work brings them into contact with thousands of strangers, this is not a political issue; it’s a life-or-death issue.

“I’m all for freedom, but I think if you’re dead, you don’t have any freedoms at all,” he told MSNBC. »