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Monday August 23rd, 2021 day edition

image for Gunfire erupts after Proud Boys and anti-fascists openly brawl in Portland without police intervention

The event ended with a roving brawl along busy city streets in the Parkrose neighborhood, and shots being fired in downtown Portland.

The two sides eventually clashed in Northeast Portland after remaining separate for hours, leaving a spree of violence that stretched blocks.

After the violence ended in Northeast Portland, a man fired a handgun at what appeared to be a group of anti-fascists downtown.

Portland police moved in and arrested 65-year-old Dennis G. Anderson of Gresham.

Photos and videos streamed online showed members of the Proud Boys — a frequently violent far right group — gathering and speaking at the conservative event.

As the demonstration continued, anti-fascists who had been at Waterfront Park began to gather outside the Proud Boys event.

During the clashes, Proud Boys were also captured on video attacking people and vehicles they believed to be with the anti-fascists. »

The Afghan all-girls robotics team have been offered scholarships at 'incredible universities,' says Oklahoma mother who helped them escape the Taliban

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A mother from Oklahoma helped rescue members of the all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan.

A 60-year-old Oklahoma mother who helped several members of an internationally recognized all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan escape the country said they are feeling "so grateful" to be out.

The all-girl Afghan robotics team made headlines back in 2017 when they traveled to Washington DC for an international robotics competition. »

Man Hospitalized After Taking Livestock Feed Store Ivermectin For COVID

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At least one individual has been hospitalized in Mississippi after ingesting a drug intended for treating worms in livestock, the Mississippi State Department of Health revealed today.

“At least 70% of the recent calls have been related to ingestion of livestock or animal formulations of ivermectin purchased at livestock supply centers.

But taking human-approved doses of ivermectin for “unapproved use” and without proper medical oversight “can be very dangerous,” the agency warned. »

‘I’ve never seen anything like this’: ER doctor says hundreds of patients are waiting to be admitted into hospitals, but there are no beds

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As of Friday afternoon, Pile says 482 patients were waiting for hospital beds in his 25-county region.

Dr. Velarde says his ER staff has spent hours on the phone looking for hospitals that can accept his patients.

Earlier in the week, nearly 800 patients were waiting to be admitted into a hospital for an ICU or non-ICU bed. »