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Saturday August 21st, 2021 evening edition

image for Florida gives school districts 48 hours to reverse mask mandates or lose funding

Two Florida school districts that defied state rules and imposed mask mandates for students have been given 48 hours to reverse course or lose state funding equal to the salaries of their school board members.

In an order sent Friday to the districts in Alachua and Broward counties -- the first of five districts in the state to impose mask requirements this month -- the State Board of Education said that if they do not reverse their mandates in two days, the districts will have to provide Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran the current salaries of each school board member.

Leaders in both school districts told ABC News Friday that they will not reverse their mask mandates and will take legal action against the state.

We think he has overstepped his purview," said Dr. Rosalind Osgood, chair of the Broward County School Board.

Osgood said accepting the money would amount to "taking money away from education," emphasizing that "it's about the kids."

Simon, meanwhile, noted in her statement that the Alachua County Commission has offered to make up the loss of funding.

The school districts in Miami-Dade, Hillsborough, and Palm Beach counties also voted this week to impose mask mandates for students. »

Unvaccinated employees at Toronto hospital network told they will be fired

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TORONTO -- The University Health Network has confirmed that any employees who decide not to get vaccinated by the end of October will be terminated.

UHN—whose hospitals include Toronto General, Toronto Western and Princess Margaret—confirmed the new policy in a statement released Friday evening.

In the statement, the hospital network said it has “connected” with the more than 900 staff who have either not provided their vaccination status or have indicated they are not vaccinated. »

Judge strikes down 'unconstitutional' law classifying Uber, Lyft drivers as contractors

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Judge Frank Roesch wrote in his ruling that "it limits the power of a future legislature to define app-based drivers as workers subject to workers’ compensation law.".

Uber and Lyft drivers, along with other gig workers throughout California, have been considered independent contractors since a 2020 law known as Prop.

However, since Uber and Lyft are already set to appeal, the ruling doesn't mean much will happen in the short-term. »

GOP Maine Rep. Chris Johansen Attends Anti-Vaxx Rally Days After Wife Dies of COVID

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Maine state Representative Chris Johansen attended an anti-vaccine rally on Tuesday, a little more than a week after his wife died of COVID-19.

The Daily Beast reported that the Republican legislator joined a group of fellow GOP lawmakers at a demonstration in Augusta, Maine.

Cindy Johansen, who served as corresponding secretary for the Aroostook County Republicans, began posting about COVID symptoms on her Facebook page last month. »

Could monarchy have saved Afghanistan?

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It defeated King George’s men at Yorktown and saw — and sees — itself as a bulwark against monarchical despotism.

Instead, we found ourselves in a rain-stained, brutalist villa in Oligata, a gated community on one of Rome’s outer hills.

We were there to discover if the old man was interested, or even able, to take up the reins again. »