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Thursday August 12nd, 2021 evening edition

image for Indonesian Army Ends 'Two-Finger' Virginity Tests on Female Recruits

The Indonesian army has ended its "two-finger" virginity test for female recruits, after they were branded "degrading, discriminatory, and traumatic.".

Andika Perkasa, the Indonesian army chief of staff, told reporters on Tuesday the controversial practice had ceased.

"Previously we looked at the abdomen, genitalia in detail with the examinations of the pelvis, vagina and cervix.

He claimed recruitment tests will be focused on health issues such as color blindness, the heart and spine.

The move was welcomed by human rights groups, who have long campaigned for the test to be scrapped.

Indan Gilang, an air force spokesperson, told the outlet that "virginity tests" were not included in their terminology.

However female reproduction tests, for cysts and other complications which could hamper their ability to serve, were undertaken. »

Why Halo Infinite's bots won't teabag you

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So we come to the upcoming Halo Infinite which has, for the first time in the series, bots.

Developer 343 used the recent Halo Infinite technical preview to gather feedback on bot behaviour and online performance.

But some Halo Infinite players did report what looked like bots teabagging human opponents during the technical preview. »

China's yuan likely to become Asia's central currency: Kenneth Rogoff

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Nikkei sat down with Kenneth Rogoff, professor of economics and Thomas D. Cabot professor of public policy at Harvard University, to discuss the future of the monetary system.

Q: You have raised the possibility of China no longer pegging the yuan to the dollar some day.

It wouldn't happen overnight, but my guess is that over time Asia would coalesce, not around the dollar but around the RMB [Renminbi, the Chinese yuan]. »

Parents of 337 migrant children separated at border under Trump still have not been found, court filing says

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(CNN) Attorneys are still trying to reach the parents of 337 migrant children who were separated at the US-Mexico border under the Trump administration, down from 368 in June, according to a federal court filing Wednesday.

Since June, the parents of 31 of those children whose whereabouts had been previously unknown have been found.

Since the creation of the task force, 45 children have been reunified with their parents in the United States, according to the filing. »

Shell to pay $111m over decades-old oil spills in Nigeria

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Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to pay around €95m (£80.4m/$111.6m) to communities in southern Nigeria over crude oil spills in 1970, lawyers involved in the case have said.

The decision is the latest involving Opec-member Nigeria’s oil-producing south where communities have long fought legal battles over oil spills and environmental damage.

“The order for the payment of [$111m] to the claimants is for full and final satisfaction of the judgement,” a local spokesman for Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria said on Wednesday. »