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Friday July 30th, 2021 night edition

image for Capitol police told to arrest visitors not wearing masks as Republicans warn rebellion over rules

A growing group of Republican lawmakers is playing chicken with the Capitol police after refusing a new mask mandate, despite the threat of arrest.

Capitol police chief Thomas Manger ordered officers to report any members of Congress who refuse to wear a mask, warning they would be subject to arrest for unlawful entry under DC Code 22-3302.

While officers were directed to report members to the Sergeant at Arms before an immediate arrest, they weren’t told to give any staff or visitors the same leeway.

I support the Capitol Hill Police, but the Chief of Police made a mistake here.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy said Capitol police arresting people on the House side of Congress, but not the Senate side where there is no mask mandate, is “not the America we know”.

Ms Boebert, who has been one of the most vocal opponents against the mask mandate, lead the GOP push back on Democrats ignoring their own mask mandate even as Capitol police made the arrest threats.

Matt Rosendale posted a video of Democrat Jerry Nadler without a mask implying the “mandates and threats of arrest don’t apply to senior Democrats”. »

Shooting-Tears of joy as San Marino becomes smallest Olympic medal-winning nation

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July 29 (Reuters) - Tokyo 2020 served up another slice of history on Thursday when San Marino became the least populated country to win an Olympic medal at the Summer or Winter Games.

Alessandra Perilli clinched bronze in the women’s trap shooting, becoming the first person to win an Olympic medal for the microstate of around 34,000 inhabitants.

San Marino replaced Bermuda as the record holder, two days after Flora Duffy won the island nation’s second medal, but first gold, in the women’s triathlon. »

Texas deputy attorney general apologizes after calling Simone Biles a 'national embarrassment'

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Texas' deputy attorney general apologized Wednesday after receiving backlash for tweeting that Simone Biles was a "national embarrassment" when she withdrew from the team gymnastics final.

"My personal social media comments do not represent Attorney General Paxton or the office of the attorney general," the Republican began.

"Simone Biles is a true patriot and one of the greatest gymnasts of all time. »

Ubisoft workers slam bosses in open letter over handling of #MeToo scandals

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Why it matters: Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard workers are framing the actions as part of a bigger movement meant to have lasting change in the industry and its culture.

Driving the news: In the open letter shared with Axios, Ubisoft organizers directly address Activision Blizzard workers, who are expected to stage a walkout Wednesday, amid the fallout from California’s lawsuit against Activision Blizzard over harassment and discrimination at the company.

What’s next: The Ubisoft letter proposes that Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and other top publishers and developers work together to "set of rules and processes for handling reports of these offences.". »

Nick Diaz To Teach Self-Defense In Partnership With Stripchat

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Nick Diaz is teaming up with adult cam website Stripchat to teach webcam models how to defend themselves in dangerous situations.

Nick Diaz is making his return to the UFC octagon on September 25th at UFC 266 to face former opponent Robbie Lawler in a rematch 17 years after their first fight.

Through his Twitter, Diaz announced that July 31st will be the date for his master class on Stripchat. »