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Sunday July 25th, 2021 night edition

image for France bans crushing and gassing of male chicks from 2022

A chick drinks water at a poultry farm in Pruille-le-Chetif near Le Mans, France, March 4, 2020.

PARIS, July 18 (Reuters) - France will ban from next year the killing of male chicks by crushing or gassing, a practice denounced as barbaric by animal welfare groups, and will push for a similar measure at European level, the agriculture minister said on Sunday.

Each year, 50 million male chicks are culled in this way, Julien Denormandie said in an interview posted on the website of daily Le Parisien.

"France is the first country in the world, along with Germany, to end the crushing and gassing of male chicks," Denormandie added.

From 2022, breeders in France will instead need to equip themselves with machines to detect the sex of chicks before they hatch.

To help breeders buy the equipment, France will grant subsidies totalling 10 million euros ($11.8 million).

The castration of live piglets will also be prohibited from the start of 2022, Denormandie said. »

Borderlands 3 top developers quit

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Several senior developers at Gearbox Software who worked on “Borderlands 3” are leaving the company and going to work on a new independent project together, Gearbox confirmed to Axios.

What they’re saying: Gearbox Entertainment founder Randy Pitchford told Axios the group is leaving Gearbox "on the best of terms.".

The big picture: "Borderlands 3" launched in 2019; departures years after its release would have given developers time to collect royalties on the game. »

Ad men sacked to improve gender pay gap win sex discrimination claim

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The men were dismissed in November 2018, shortly after the firm revealed a median gender pay gap of 44.7%.

The agency’s then executive creative director, Lucas Peon, described the pay gap statistics as “really, really horrible”.

“In the World Cup of sucking at pay gap numbers, we made the final,” he said at the time. »

Iran opens oil terminal in Gulf of Oman to bypass Strait of Hormuz

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DUBAI, July 22 (Reuters) - Iran has opened its first oil terminal in the Gulf of Oman, President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday, to allow Iranian tankers to avoid using the strategically vulnerable Strait of Hormuz, which has been a focus of regional tension for decades.

"This new crude export terminal shows the failure of Washington's sanctions on Iran.".

Rouhani said Iran aimed to export 1 million barrels per day (bpd) of oil from Bandar-e Jask, a port on Iran’s Gulf of Oman coast, just south of the Strait of Hormuz. »