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Sunday July 25th, 2021 morning edition

image for Employers to be made responsible for protecting staff from harassment at work in landmark post-MeToo proposals

Coinciding with the Home Office unveiling its violence against women strategy, the Government Equalities Office published its response to a 2018 consolation on all forms of workplace harassment – including sexual harassment.

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It said it intends to introduce a specific duty which puts the onus on employers to prevent sexual harassment as well as measures to ensure employees have adequate legal protections when making a complaint of harassment.

This includes the introduction of a new proactive duty on employers requiring them to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to prevent their employees from experiencing sexual harassment.

Explicit protections will be brought in to shield employees from harassment by third parties (for example, customers or clients).

General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Employers must now protect their workers from all forms of harassment by customers and clients as well as from colleagues.

That is why Labour is calling on the government to collect data on employment tribunals brought on the basis of sexual harassment. »

Man who made fun of vaccination efforts on social media dies of Covid

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LOS ANGELES — A man who mocked Covid-19 vaccinations died this week at a Los Angeles-area hospital after contracting the virus.

Corona Regional Medical Center in Corona, Calif., where Stephen Harmon, 34, was admitted before he passed away.

Before his hospitalization, Harmon had made fun of vaccination efforts on social media. »

Borderlands 3 top developers quit

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Several senior developers at Gearbox Software who worked on “Borderlands 3” are leaving the company and going to work on a new independent project together, Gearbox confirmed to Axios.

What they’re saying: Gearbox Entertainment founder Randy Pitchford told Axios the group is leaving Gearbox "on the best of terms.".

The big picture: "Borderlands 3" launched in 2019; departures years after its release would have given developers time to collect royalties on the game. »

Ad men sacked to improve gender pay gap win sex discrimination claim

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The men were dismissed in November 2018, shortly after the firm revealed a median gender pay gap of 44.7%.

“In the World Cup of sucking at pay gap numbers, we made the final,” he said at the time.

The gender pay gap was mortifying for the company – because it was an awful gap – and their approach was to go gung-ho on who they perceived to be the enemy. »

Tennessee radio host doubted and mocked vaccines – now he has Covid

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Republican politicians and influential rightwing broadcasters including Fox News hosts have begun to call for people to get the shot.

On Saturday, data shared with the Guardian showed that authorities in Memphis believe 80% of new Covid cases in the city involve the Delta variant.

He is in the hospital in the critical care unit breathing with assistance but is NOT on a ventilator.”. »