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Friday July 23rd, 2021 day edition

image for Afghanistan: Taliban beheaded Afghan interpreter for US military. Others fear they will be hunted down

Villagers who witnessed the incident told the Red Crescent the Taliban shot his car before it swerved and stopped.

In a statement issued in June, the Taliban said it would not harm those who worked alongside foreign forces.

At the height of the war, there were about 100,000 US troops in the country, as part of a NATO force.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said on Wednesday that the Defense Department "is considering options" where Afghan nationals and their families could potentially go.

Sohail Pardis, an Afghan translator who worked for the US Army, was killed by the Taliban in May.

Speaking from his brother's gravesite, on a barren hillside among rocks, tumbleweeds, and flags, Sahak said they are not safe.

Shirzad said he was excited to work with the Americans, and became a lead liaison between US and Afghan Special Forces. »

New York State officially bans underage marriage

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Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law banning all minors from getting married in New York State on Thursday, July 22.

“This administration fought hard to successfully end child marriage in New York and I’m proud to sign this legislation to strengthen our laws and further protect vulnerable children from exploitation,” Cuomo said.

“The cruel and callous practice of child marriage has traumatized too many children to count,” said State Assemblymember Phil Ramos (D–Long Island). »

Americans Mock the British 'Heatwave' After Realizing It's Only 88F

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Americans are mocking the British for their "heatwave," after realizing temperatures are only a paltry 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

The clip shows her reading the headline, which says: "UK sees hottest day of 2021 as temperatures soar to 31.6°c."

The clip was stitched by an irate Brit, called Imeyrick, who sought to defend his countrymen, as well as explaining why British infrastructure makes hot summers almost unbearable. »

Dead Space Remake Won't Have Microtransactions

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Reversing course from the controversial inclusion of microtransactions in Dead Space 3, the developers of the upcoming Dead Space remake have no intention of ever adding microtransactions to the game.

Speaking to how the remake is learning from what came after the original Dead Space and finding natural ways to integrate some ideas into the original, Ducharme made it clear they would not be adding microtransactions.

Ducharme and Roman Campos Oriola pointed to examples such as the zero gravity sections in Dead Space 2, and using some of the advancements made their to apply to Dead Space 1 in the remake. »