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Thursday July 22nd, 2021 evening edition

image for Pro-Trump Group Files Motion Against FDA to Stop Covid-19 Vaccinations in U.S.

And while the lawsuit is unlikely to succeed, it demonstrates just how desperate the death cult of former President Donald Trump has gotten.

The people behind America’s Frontline Doctors also claim that emergency use authorization should never have been granted because the coronavirus pandemic is not an emergency.

“Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (‘CDC’) data shows that the Vaccines are not effective in treating or preventing SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19,” the group falsely claimed.

This degree of systemic and purposeful coercion means that Americans cannot give truly free and voluntary informed consent to the Vaccines.

The group gave a press conference which was ridiculed not just for shady science.

America’s Frontline Doctors also associate with some of the weirdest “medical professionals” you’ll ever come across in the 21st century.

Again, it’s unlikely this lawsuit will go anywhere, but the kooks on YouTube and Twitter aren’t just spreading misinformation on social media. »

The FTC Votes Unanimously to Enforce Right to Repair

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During an open commission meeting Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously to enforce laws around the Right to Repair, thereby ensuring that US consumers will be able to repair their own electronic and automotive devices.

Wu added that Right to Repair has become a "visceral example" of the enormous imbalance between workers, consumers, small businesses, and larger entities.

“A digital Right to Repair is a vital tool that will extend the life of electronic devices. »

DPD moved to fire cop hit with 85 complaints, accusations of racist language. Why was he promoted?

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The average uniformed officer in Detroit has received just over eight citizen complaints, according to internal data provided by the Detroit Police Department.

But in Kue’s 12 years of service with Detroit Police, he has amassed 85 complaints—more than ten times the department average.

"The Detroit Police Department is deeply troubled and disappointed by the perceived pattern of conduct and behavior shown by Sergeant Kue. »

Kentucky state lawmaker under fire for comparing Dr Fauci to cult leader

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A Kentucky state lawmaker has come under fire for comparing Dr Anthony Fauci to cult leader Jim Jones.

Republican Representative Regina Huff, who is the chair of the House Education Committee, took to Twitter to post a picture of Dr Fauci next to one of the Jonestown massacre leader.

But a reporter for The Courier Journal newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky, obtained a screenshot of the tweet and reposted it. »