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Monday July 19th, 2021 morning edition

image for Australia to deport Britain's Katie Hopkins after quarantine breach

CANBERRA, July 19 (Reuters) - Australia will deport controversial British commentator Katie Hopkins after she admitted breaching the country's quarantine rules, Australia's minister for home affairs said on Monday.

All arrivals to Australia must complete two weeks in a hotel quarantine, where people must put on a mask before meals are delivered then wait 30 seconds to collect the food to avoid transmission.

Hopkins' video - which was later removed - prompted public anger as Australia has for months limited the number of citizens it allows into the country that means thousands of people remain unable to return.

Foreign nationals are not permitted to enter Australia unless given special dispensation.

Amid mounting criticism, Australia's Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews ordered a review into the decision to award Hopkins a visa and on Monday said the government had decided to deport the commentator.

"We will be getting her out of the country as soon as we can arrange that.".

The saga is the latest chapter in Hopkins' contentious career that has seen her cause outrage with inflammatory anti-immigrant commentary, even drawing criticism from the United Nations human rights chief. »

Texas Senate Passes Bill to Remove Required Lessons on Civil Rights Movements from Public School Curriculums

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Public s chools in Texas are one step closer to no longer being required to teach about various American civil rights movements in social studies classes.

The idea behind this new bill is to more explicitly define what can and can’t be taught.

This is all in opposition to a voting bill that would place more restrictions on the state’s already restrictive voting process. »

India is proposing a 2-child policy to keep its population under control, and it includes cash benefits for couples who opt for voluntary sterilization

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The two-child policy in Uttar Pradesh would give cash benefits to couples who opt for voluntary sterilization.

On World Population Day on July 11, India proposed a series of fresh population control measures reminiscent of China's two-child policy.

Most drastically, Uttar Pradesh's draft bill on population management states that couples with two children who opt for voluntary sterilization would get incentives. »

Madrid building a huge urban forest in bid to combat climate change

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To combat climate change and pollution, Madrid is building a green wall around the city.

With desertification reaching the doorstep of southern Europe, Madrid's urban forest intends to be both a mitigation and adaptation measure to climate change.

They will be the most affected by climate change, but they are also an essential part of the solution. »