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Monday July 12nd, 2021 evening edition

image for Earth's Atmosphere Is Retaining Heat Twice as Fast as It Did Just 15 Years Ago

Everything from the hottest years on record to ruining astronomy can be tied to climate change.

Now some new science lays another potential problem at climate change's feet – Earth is retaining more than twice as much heat annually as it was 15 years ago.

A team from NASA and NOAA found that Earth's "energy imbalance" doubled between 2005 and 2019.

The energy imbalance is simple to understand but complex in its causes and impacts.

It is the difference between the amount of energy absorbed by Earth and the amount of energy emitted by it.

Any increase in the energy imbalance means the overall Earth system is gaining energy, causing it to heat up.

First, understanding what caused the increase in absorbed heat in order to potentially mitigate it in the near future would be helpful. »

How Italy Beat England to Win Euro 2020

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How Italy Beat England to Win Euro 2020 An early goal and a dramatic finish deliver a championship for Italy, and leave England to wonder, again, how it went wrong.

Gareth Southgate gives his reaction to the #ThreeLions' defeat in the #EURO2020 final: — England (@England) July 11, 2021 Southgate absolved the England players who missed in the penalty shootout of blame for the defeat.

🔜 EURO 2020 final... ⌛️ 15 MINUTES TO GO!#EURO2020 — UEFA EURO 2020 (@EURO2020) July 11, 2021 England Manager Gareth Southgate admitted this week that he has had to fight the impulse to envision a triumph that would be his country’s first major trophy since the 1966 World Cup. »

Global Plastic Pollution May Be Nearing an Irreversible Tipping Point

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According to the authors, plastic pollution is a global threat, and actions to drastically reduce emissions of plastic to the environment are “the rational policy response.”.

He says that emissions are trending upward even though awareness about plastic pollution among scientists and the public has increased significantly in recent years.

Reference: “The global threat from plastic pollution” by Matthew MacLeod, Hans Peter H. Arp, Mine B. Tekman and Annika Jahnke, 2 July 2021, Science. »

Italy crush England’s dreams after winning Euro 2020 on penalties

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Here at Euro 2020, there have been the knockout victories over Germany, Ukraine and Denmark – a thrilling odyssey and a bucking of a historical trend.

00:42 Euro 2020 final: Italy and England fans react to final penalty kick – video.

03:02 What we learned from England's defeat to Italy at Euro 2020 – video analysis. »