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Saturday July 10th, 2021 evening edition

image for Lawyers for Breonna Taylor's family sue police over existence of body camera footage

An attorney representing the family of Breonna Taylor filed a lawsuit on Wednesday claiming that the Louisville Metro Police Department may have given the public "misinformation" about the existence of body camera footage from before and after the raid of Taylor's home.

The lawsuit, filed in Jefferson County Circuit Court, claims police are withholding public records that would show whether there is additional body camera footage that could provide more details about the night Taylor was killed by police.

Louisville Metro police have said in the past that body camera footage of the shooting does not exist, as officers on scene were not wearing the cameras or had them turned off.

Police body camera footage taken at the scene after the shooting has been released by authorities.

The lawsuit filed by an attorney for Taylor's family is requesting that a judge order the Louisville Metro Police Department to release body camera information under Kentucky's Open Records Act.

"Breonna's family has a right to the records," Taylor family attorney Sam Aguiar told ABC News in a statement.

The lawsuit says the public has "an uncompromised right to know whether undisclosed body camera footage exists, or otherwise previously existed, from LMPD Axon Cameras which related to the events surrounding the death of Breonna Taylor.". »

Orange County venue cancels Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s planned America First rally

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And they’re still selling tickets for a rally, though they’re still trying to find an Orange County venue for the same day.

Images started circulating on social media earlier this week with a flier promoting an America First rally in Laguna Hills on July 17 featuring Gaetz, R-Fla., and Green, R-Ga.

And Dyer said ticket purchases for the planned Orange County event have been “overwhelming.”. »

NHS staff abused by people seeking second Covid jab early for holiday

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Covid vaccinators are facing abuse, threats and aggression from people demanding their second jab early so they can go on holiday this summer, doctors have said.

One scientist warned on Thursday that those receiving their second jab sooner than eight weeks may be less protected against Covid.

The NHS is vaccinating in line with JCVI guidance and has zero tolerance for bad behaviour towards any staff member. »

Biden’s executive order puts net neutrality back in the spotlight

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The prior administration’s FCC and FTC rolled back Obama-era rules in those areas, and now there is a clear agenda to restore them.

(i) adopting through appropriate rulemaking “Net Neutrality” rules similar to those previously adopted under title II of the Communications Act of 1934 (Public Law 73-416, 48 Stat.

The FCC has also been asked to start the process of requiring ISPs to regularly report their prices to the FCC to help “improve price transparency and market functioning.” »

Christopher Columbus Encountered Three Mermaids

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Christopher Columbus encountered three mermaids on January 8, 1493 somewhere in the Caribbean Sea.

Unfortunately, Columbus’ log, his daily account of his seven-month first voyage to the New World, is lost.

However, what I is more important is what Columbus actually thought he saw – which was three ugly mermaids swimming in the Caribbean Sea. »