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Saturday July 10th, 2021 day edition

image for Alabama has lowest percentage of COVID-19 vaccinated residents in U.S.

Alabama has the least percentage of fully vaccinated residents in the nation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Alabama, with 33.1 percent of residents fully vaccinated, held the rating of second worst vaccination rate for months, behind Mississippi, which now holds that spot, at 33.3 percent fully vaccinated.

ADPH uses the seven-day average of new daily cases to categorize counties as either low risk, moderate risk, high risk or very high risk.

In addition to the 21 counties deemed as very high risk, four counties are “high risk.”.

Louisiana, with a 35.6 percent vaccination rate, saw cases rise 109 percent, and Tennessee, where 37 percent of residents are vaccinated, had a 169 percent increase in new cases.

With cases trending up and vaccinations remaining low, Marrazzo explained that Alabama could be headed into another deadly surge.

“That is a very feasible scenario which I don’t like think about, but I think we have to be prepared for,” Marrazzo said. »

Israeli forces open fire on Palestinians; hundreds wounded

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Israeli forces opened fire on hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators who rallied against an illegal outpost in the occupied West Bank on Friday, with more than 370 people wounded including 31 hit by live ammunition.

Demonstrators burned tyres and threw rocks at Israeli forces, local media reports said.

A Palestinian demonstrator gets treatment inside an ambulance following clashes with Israeli forces [Raneen Sawafta/Reuters]. »

Historic Power Plant Decides Mining Bitcoin Is More Profitable Than Selling Electricity

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The Albany Times Union reported that the Mechanicville, NY plant operated by Albany Engineering Corp. is currently mining Bitcoin with some of the power it produces.

He also said the plant "can actually make more money with bitcoin than selling the electricity to National Grid," though, which is why he's taken to mining the cryptocurrency.

"It’s the best [type of bitcoin mining] because we’re using renewable energy," he told the Albany Times Union. »

The $12 million truth about Stephen A. Smith’s ESPN deal

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Smith’s contract is for $12 million per year, according to sources.

As The Post previously reported, Smith’s personal salary is $8 million a year — which is correct — but he also has a $4 million-per-year production contract.

That makes the total compensation of the contract that he signed in late 2019 a five-year, $60 million deal. »