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Friday July 9th, 2021 morning edition

image for Unvaccinated tourists won't be welcome in Canada for 'quite a while,' PM Trudeau says

The prime minister said he doesn’t want to jeopardize the progress made in the fight against the pandemic by throwing open the border too quickly.

And they need lead time to prepare,” said Canadian Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Perrin Beatty.

“Canadians need clarity and certainty, which today we don't have, and the goalposts keep moving.

“The people that are making these decisions do not have a clue how the real world works.”.

And what are we finding in the actual travellers coming in right now in this in very initial precautionary phase?”

That will be our first focus, and we will have more to say in the coming weeks,” Trudeau said, promising continued aid for the tourism businesses.

“We will continue the reopening of our borders, but we will do it in a way that ensures the ongoing safety of all Canadians. »

mRNA vaccine technology moves to flu: Moderna says trial has begun

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Moderna has given out the first doses of an mRNA-based influenza vaccine to participants in an early-phase clinical trial, the company announced Wednesday.

Moderna ultimately plans to test the vaccine on about 180 people in the Phase I/II randomized, stratified, observer-blind trial.

"Our vision is to develop an mRNA combination vaccine so that people can get one shot each fall for high efficacy protection against the most problematic respiratory viruses.". »

Team that wasn’t subject to Salary Cap better than teams that were

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Tampa Bay, FL – The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup last night, proving once and for all that, in a salary cap league, a team that blatantly exceeds the salary cap will usually be better than teams that don’t.

“If the league lets them ice a team 30 million dollars over the cap next year, I really think they could be a dynasty.”.

In related news a few brief minutes of research have revealed that this article was indeed written by a salty Leafs fan. »

There Are Growing Calls to Finally Tax the Catholic Church

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“Because of the gruesome past and terrifying future we are waiting to see... Because (the Catholic Church is) refusing to apologize, I want to remove their tax exemption,” Bell told CTV News.

“Tax the Roman Catholic Church immediately to make amends to the survivors,” one tweet says.

Indigenous leaders and settlers alike want to see Canada and the Catholic Church tried for crimes against humanity and genocide. »

Heinz starts petition to make hot dogs and buns come in equal packs

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Hot dogs, Heinz Ketchup Canada says in a new video, often come in packs of 10, while hot-dog buns regularly come in groups of eight.

"I want to buy eight hot dogs and eight hot dog buns to go with them," Martin's character said while tearing buns out of a package at the supermarket.

Heinz, of course, makes neither hot dogs nor buns, but ketchup, a condiment many people use on hot dogs and many think should never come anywhere near a hot dog. »