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Thursday July 8th, 2021 night edition

image for Judge gives combined 33 years to pair who threatened black family with Confederate flags

Two people who were convicted in a confrontation at a child’s birthday party that took place in 2015 have been sentenced to a combined 33 years in prison.

According to reports, Norton and Torres paraded through a neighborhood that is populated by mostly black residents with a group called “Respect the Flag,” which flew Confederate flags from their trucks.

The group allegedly noticed a black family having a birthday party, and decided to roll up and cause trouble, reportedly telling the party-goers that they would “kill y’all ni**ers.”.

Video from the incident was shared by the New York Times back in October, 2015.

Prosecutors say that members of the group, which calls itself Respect the Flag, threatened a group of blacks attending an outdoor birthday party on July 25.

Update, 7/7/21: According to a report from June 2020, Norton was released from prison in 2019 while Torres remains incarcerated.

According to 11Alive, Norton became eligible for parole on Feb. 3, 2019, after serving one-third of her total prison sentence. »

‘The Tomorrow War’ Watched By 2.4M U.S. Households, Says Samba TV

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Amazon also reported that Borat 2‘s first weekend was watched by “tens of millions” whatever that means.

Samba TV measures streaming viewership in 3M U.S. terrestrial Smart TV households for those who tuned in for at least five minutes.

The Samba TV audience for No Sudden Move skewed wealthy ($150-200K incomes +11%), male (+5.9%), young (ages 20-24 +14%), and Black (+46%). »

YouTube’s recommender AI still a horror show, finds major crowdsourced study – TechCrunch

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That YouTube’s AI is still — per Mozilla’s study — behaving so badly also suggests Google has been pretty successful at fuzzing criticism with superficial claims of reform.

But regulation that could help crack open proprietary AI blackboxes is now on the cards — at least in Europe.

“An earlier draft of the proposal talked about systems that manipulate human behavior, which is essentially what recommender systems are. »

Secret filming shows GOP congressman saying party wants ‘18 months’ of disruption leading up to 2022 midterms

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A GOP congressman was secretly recorded admitting that the party wanted “18 months” of chaos before 2022’s midterms, in a conversation about bipartisanship.

In a recording from June 29, Chip Roy told activists that the GOP wanted to “slow down” bipartisan talks in Congress and “then get in here and lead” following the 2022 midterms.

The Texan was talking to a campaigning non-profit, Patriot Voices, five days after the announcement of a bipartisan agreement on an infrastructure bill in the US Senate. »

The president of Haiti was assassinated at home

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The president of Haiti was assassinated at his home early Wednesday morning, the government said.

President Joe Biden is also due to be briefed later Wednesday, the Associated Press reported, citing Psaki’s interview with MSNBC.

“Spain strongly condemns the assassination of the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise,” he added. »