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Thursday July 8th, 2021 day edition

image for 'I quit': Wave of resignations prompts concerns over labour shortage

Office workers everywhere were ordered to work from home, and for the first time, Whitt got a taste of a different life.

She was still doing her job, but without the grind of her commute.

She had more time to exercise and to plan healthy meals, and more energy for her six- and 10-year-old daughters.

"This pandemic has shown me there's more important things in life than having that busy corporate career.".

As the Canadian economy emerges from more than 15 months of COVID-19 restrictions and workers begin to return to the office, experts say a wave of employee resignations could trigger labour shortages in a variety of sectors.

"We're expecting to see a rise in attrition, really across all organizations," said Steve Knox, vice-president of global talent acquisition for human resources firm Ceridian.

I realized 'wow, I can't imagine doing this job for the next five years, let alone the next 25 years,' " Campbell said. »

Judge gives combined 33 years to pair who threatened black family with Confederate flags

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The incident took place several weeks after Dylan Roof killed nine black worshipers at a South Carolina church, sparking a backlash against public displays of the Confederate battle flag.

According to reports, Norton and Torres paraded through a neighborhood that is populated by mostly black residents with a group called “Respect the Flag,” which flew Confederate flags from their trucks.

Update, 7/7/21: According to a report from June 2020, Norton was released from prison in 2019 while Torres remains incarcerated. »

TIL that Cameroon sent $3.77 in relief during the Great Depression to USA. $3.77 then is around $57 in today’s money.

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By 1933, average family income had tumbled 40 percent, from $2,300 in 1929 to just $1,500 four years later.

There were so many accounts of people starving in New York that the West African nation of Cameroon sent $3.77 in relief.

Many Americans, however, no longer believed that the problems could be solved by people acting alone or through voluntary associations. »

'The final straw': Some Catholic Canadians renounce church as residential school outrage grows

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EDMONTON -- Outrage directed at the Catholic Church for its role in Canada’s residential school system continues, with more churches allegedly set ablaze and faithful followers questioning their loyalty to the institution.

A growing number of Canadians are distancing themselves from the Catholic Church, which administrated an estimated 70 per cent of Canada's residential schools.

“I think the church has a long way to go,” she said when asked if the Church could regain her trust. »