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Monday June 28th, 2021 day edition

image for Jim Henson's 'Labyrinth' (1986) Still Captivating 35 Years Later

Not because it is scary or full of gore and horror but because of the mere beauty and beguiling mystery it has.

Jim Henson has brought us some of the most wonderful, beautiful, and captivating films to ever grace the silver screen.

I truly believe that, with anyone else running the show, Labyrinth wouldn’t be half as fascinating and strangely beautiful as it is.

Just the goblins alone, never mind the other strange and often curious creatures popping up everywhere, makes this film a horror movie.

From there on, Labyrinth is an adventure into a fantasy world that only Jim Henson could create.

So many different writers and producers are still influenced by Labyrinth in one way or another, and I can see why.

So, happy 35th anniversary to Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, a film that will be loved and admired for many generations to come. »

14 years after a sexual assault in Tampa, a man has been charged with rape because he entered his own DNA into a genealogy database

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Officers used the websites GEDmatch and FamilyTree to find a DNA match in the cold case.

"The victim now can have some closure in her life," assistant police chief Ruben Delgado said.

Police detectives in Tampa Bay said they have arrested a suspect in a 14-year-old rape case after using the database of a genealogy testing website to match DNA evidence. »

Use of mescaline may facilitate unintended improvements in several psychiatric conditions, study suggests

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The use of mescaline, a psychedelic substance derived from the peyote cactus, appears to be associated with improvements in depression and anxiety, according to a new preliminary study published in the journal ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science.

The research provides evidence that the clinically beneficial effects of mescaline are related to specific facets of the psychedelic experience.

But, despite its centuries-long ceremonial use among Native American tribes, mescaline has received relatively little attention in comparison to other substances, such as psilocybin. »

Facebook could be held liable for sex trafficking on its platform, court rules

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The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that Facebook can be held liable if sex traffickers use the platform to prey on children.

The state court ruled that Facebook is not a "lawless no-man’s-land" and could be held accountable following three Texas-based lawsuits that involved teenage sex traffic victims, the Houston Chronicle first reported.

The victims were reportedly preyed on through the social media platform’s messaging system – prompting prosecutors to claim the site was negligent in not better blocking sex trafficking opportunities. »