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Sunday June 27th, 2021 day edition

image for California budget boosts health care for older immigrants by $1.3 billion

California will soon pay the health care bills for low-income people 50 and older who are living in the country illegally, part of an expansion of Medicaid that aims to inch the nation's most populous state toward Democrats' goal of making sure everyone has health insurance.

The budget is scheduled for a vote in the state Legislature on Monday, with Newsom likely signing it into law before the state's fiscal year begins Thursday.

California has spent a lot of money trying to make sure everyone has health insurance.

The state spends millions every year helping people pay their monthly insurance premiums, the only state offering subsidies to families of four that earn up to $157,200 per year.

Still, about 3.2 million people in the state are projected to not have health insurance next year, according to UC Berkeley Labor Center.

Nearly half of those people are living in the country illegally, making them ineligible for full Medicaid benefits and other health insurance assistance programs.

But it is not a final budget agreement among the three parties as several important details are unfinished. »

2 more Catholic churches on B.C. First Nations reserves burned to ground

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VANCOUVER -- Two more Catholic churches on First Nations reserve land in B.C. have burned to the ground.

The fires come on the heels of similar incidents on June 21, when two other Catholic churches in B.C. were burned to the ground.

"We still have our Christian and Catholic followers, and they just had service a couple weeks ago at that church. »

Indigenous community member upset to see Catholic church in Hedley burned down, the second in the Similkameen region - Penticton News

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The two fires come after churches were burned on Osoyoos Indian Band and Penticton Indian Band lands last Monday.

ORIGINAL: 8:30 a.m. Two more Catholic churches located on reserve land in the Similkameen region were burned to the ground early Saturday morning.

St. Ann's Church, located just east of Hedley on Upper Similkameen Indian Band land, and the Lower Similkameen Indian Band church east of Keremeos were destroyed. »

No, Texas wind turbines are not melting in the sun like hot bananas

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No, the Texas heat did not melt this wind turbine.

The photo's origins, however, appear to stem from wind damage sustained by a Texas turbine during a storm on June 14, according to the National Weather Service.

While it is hot enough outside to melt gummy vitamins inside your car, it's not nearly enough to melt the fiberglass-wrapped polyester blades. »

People want to censor education for the same reasons that slaves weren’t allowed to read

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Slaveholders identified literacy as a direct threat to the institution of slavery and their economic dependency on the labor it provided.

A North Carolina law of 1831 stated in part: “Teaching slaves to read and write, tends to excite dissatisfaction in their minds, and to produce insurrection and rebellion.”.

In addition, he argued for advanced education provided to just a select few white males, and not even white females. »