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Tuesday June 22nd, 2021 morning edition

image for California to Pay off all Past Due Rent Accrued During COVID, Giving Renters Clean Slate

California is paying off residents' past due rent that was accrued during the COVID-19 pandemic, giving renters a clean slate, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced recently.

"We should do our best to get back to the starting point where we were in December of 2019.

Anything other than that is taking advantage of a crisis," said Keith Becker, a property manager in Sonoma County.

He revealed that 14 tenants have not paid $100,000 worth of rent.

Newsom says California will pay off all past-due rent accumulated in the nation's most populated state because of the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, promising to make landlords whole.

An extension of the eviction ban seems likely to give California more time to spend all the money to cover unpaid rent.

Becker says the overdue rent payments put financial pressure on the owners, who he says have "resigned themselves to it.". »

Connecticut is 1st state to make all prison phone calls free

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HARTFORD, Connecticut (AP) — Connecticut became the first state this week to make all prison phone calls free, addressing one of the biggest emotional and financial burdens faced by incarcerated men and women and their families as they try to stay in touch.

The state has a prison contract with phone vendor Securus Technologies, which charges up to $5 for a 15-minute call.

Connecticut joins several jurisdictions nationwide that have taken steps to make prison and jail phone calls free, including New York City, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. »

Canada lifting restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers in early July

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OTTAWA -- Canada will be lifting most international travel restrictions for Canadians, permanent residents, and certain foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated, allowing those eligible to travel to do so with more ease, starting in early July.

The requirement to be asymptomatic remains, as do the mandatory pre-departure and on-arrival molecular testing requirements for fully vaccinated travellers.

“A transparent plan with clear benchmarks to reopen travel would be a powerful tool for encouraging Canadians to get fully vaccinated. »

Threat of more blackouts may erode reliability claims for fossil energy

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Collectively, the shutdowns amounted to a loss of about 15% of grid’s total capacity and more than triple the outages that the agency had forecast.

Nearly 80% of the offline plants produce electricity from “thermal sources” the agency said, calling on Texans to conserve electricity.

Thermal generation in Texas means natural gas (45% of the ERCOT grid’s electricity in 2020), coal (18%) and nuclear (11%). »