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Monday June 21st, 2021 night edition

image for 42,000 pounds of missing pistachios leads to possible illegal pistachio operation

It was the case of the missing pistachios.

When a pistachio company in California noticed that thousands of pounds of its main product had gone missing, it opened an investigation.

It appears that a truck driver may have been running an illegal pistachio operation out of the trucking yard.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office posted about the missing pistachios on its Facebook page.

According to the statement, the Touchstone Pistachio Company noticed that 42,000 pounds of pistachios had gone missing during a routine audit.

Detectives found that the pistachios were being moved from 2000 pound sacks into smaller bags for re-sale.".

The post confirms that "The remaining pistachios were returned to the Touchstone Pistachio Company.". »

The world's most premature baby has celebrated his first birthday after beating 0% odds of surviving

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(CNN) A baby born weighing less than a pound has beaten the odds and celebrated his first birthday, becoming the most premature baby to survive, according to Guinness World Records.

When Richard Scott William Hutchinson was born five months prematurely -- recognized by Guinness as the world's most premature baby -- his doctors prepared his parents for the worst.

Richard was born at Children's Minnesota hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after his mother, Beth Hutchinson, suffered medical complications that caused her to go into labor. »

Texas Power Companies Are Remotely Raising Temperatures on Residents' Smart Thermostats

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Texas is one of several states suffering through a record-breaking heat wave that’s pushing electric grids to their limits.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, has urged residents to do their part by raising the temperature on their thermostats, but several smart thermostats owners say their devices have been controlled remotely to conserve energy, leaving them in sweltering homes without a clue as to why.

During a demand response event, Smart Savers Texas increases the temperature on participating thermostats by up to four degrees to reduce energy consumption and relieve stress on the grid. »

Senator Ron Johnson Loudly Booed At Milwaukee Juneteenth Celebration

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Relentlessly conservative Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was roundly booed Saturday at Milwaukee’s Juneteenth celebration.

Enjoy this video of Ron Johnson getting booed out of Milwaukee during a #Juneteenth celebration today.

And if that wasn’t enjoyable enough, here is another video of Ron Johnson getting drowned out with boos during today’s #Juneteenth event in Milwaukee. »