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Saturday June 19th, 2021 day edition

image for Ironic Serif: A Brief History of Typographic Snark and the Failed Crusade for an Irony Mark

That’s precisely what Houston explores in the chapter on irony and sarcasm, beginning with a historical and linguistic backdrop:.

More than a mere linguistic diversion, however, Houston argues the concept bespoke the era’s growing concern with information overload:.

The Renaissance had generated an explosion of information, with knowledge and ideas spreading like wildfire among an increasing literate and scientific populace.

Whether or not Wilkins was aware of Erasmus’s musings is subject to speculation, but Houston commends the Englishman’s effort:.

And yet Wilkins’s was only one of many proposed irony marks — and the first of many famous failures to make one stick:.

Beneath the article, throughout which the glyph appeared several more times, a footnote (1) explained: “This is an irony point.”

Three centuries earlier, Henry Denham dreamt up the “percontation point” — a reversed question mark used at the end of rhetorical questions, of which Brahm’s later character was strikingly reminiscent. »

90% of NFTs Will Be Worthless in 3 to 5 Years, Coinbase Cofounder Warns

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But according to one of the earliest purveyors of cryptocurrencies, the vast majority of NFTs in the market today will be worthless in just a few years.

In an interview on Bloomberg TV this week, Coinbase cofounder Fred Ehrsam drew parallels between the rise of cryptocurrencies and the dotcom boom of the 1990s.

To him, NFTs are no different than any other crypto project born out of the hype overnight. »

Texas thermostats adjusted remotely during heat wave residents claim

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Some residents in Texas are feeling the heat despite setting their home thermostats at a comfortable temperature.

KHOU found complaints on Reddit where others claim their smart thermostats were turned up remotely.

Scientific America reported about how utility companies can control Nest thermostats remotely when energy demand is high back in 2013. »

Back 4 Blood does not have an offline mode, even for solo play

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The upcoming shooter does not support offline play, even for players looking to jump in solo.

We're looking into ways we could support offline for the future but you will need an internet connection to play at launch.

Back 4 Blood is out October 12 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. »

Study: Men doing more family caregiving could lower their risk of suicide

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Most link men's suicide mortality to the stresses and the demands of their employment and their economic-provider roles.

By contrast, in countries where men reported less family care work, higher unemployment rates were associated with elevated male suicide rates.

The study's findings suggest incorporating support for engagement in family care work in programs aimed at reducing men's suicide mortality. »