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Thursday June 17th, 2021 night edition

image for Leaked Audio of Sen. Joe Manchin Call With Billionaire Donors Provides Rare Glimpse of Dealmaking on Filibuster and January 6 Commission

The Zoom participant log included a dial-in from Tudor Investment Corporation, the hedge fund founded by billionaire Paul Tudor Jones.

The filibuster is a critical priority for the donors on the call, as it bottles up progressive legislation that would hit their bottom lines.

When it came to Sen. Roy Blunt, a moderate Missouri Republican who voted no on the commission, Manchin offered a creative solution.

“Roy Blunt is a great, just a good friend of mine, a great guy,” Manchin said.

Manchin told the donors he hoped to make another run at it to prove that comity is not lost.

Manchin acknowledged that publicly he had drawn a line at 60, but said that he was open to other ideas.

It would be illegal for an individual donor to give a $50,000 check, though the money could theoretically be bundled from multiple donors. »

Royal Caribbean delays cruise ship after 8 crew members test positive for Covid

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Royal Caribbean International is delaying the inaugural sailing of its Odyssey of the Seas cruise ship after eight crew members tested positive for Covid-19, officials said Tuesday.

"During routine testing, eight crew members received a positive test result for Covid-19," company CEO Michael Bayley said in a statement.

All who tested positive for Covid-19, as well as hundreds of other crew members, are under quarantine and being monitored by a medical team. »

Uses of Military Dogs in World War I

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Here is how their service in the Great War differed from what military dogs had done before.

Russian, Swedish, Italian, Albanian, Belgian, and Bulgarian troops also used military dogs.

World War I was the first war in which military dogs were mobilized on a massive, organized scale. »