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Saturday June 5th, 2021 evening edition

image for China blasts US and EU consulates over June 4 candles

China blasts US and EU consulates over June 4 candles.

Scores of candles were seen lit in the windows of the US consulate building on Friday night.

China on Saturday berated the US and EU consulates in Hong Kong for displaying candles to commemorate the June 4 Tiananmen crackdown, slamming it as a "clumsy political show" to destabilise the city.

"Any attempt to exploit Hong Kong to carry out infiltration or sabotage activities against the mainland crosses the red line ... is absolutely intolerable," a spokesperson for the Hong Kong office of China's foreign ministry said.

"We again urge the organs of relevant countries in Hong Kong to immediately ... stop meddling with Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs at large, and avoid playing with fire.".

There were online calls for people to turn off the lights at home and place candles in their windows in commemoration.

Public commemorations of June 4 are forbidden in mainland China and, until recently, semi-autonomous Hong Kong was the one place in China where large scale remembrance was still tolerated. »

Apple employees push back against returning to the office in internal letter

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Thank you for your thoughtful considerations on a hybrid approach to returning to office work, and for sharing it with all of us early this week.

This is a decision none of us take lightly, and a decision many would prefer not to have to make.

We’ve come to look forward to working as we are now, without the daily need to return to the office. »

G7: Rich nations back deal to tax multinationals

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G7: Rich nations back deal to tax multinationals Published 2 hours ago.

The G7 group of advanced economies has reached a "historic" deal to make multinational companies pay more tax.

His German counterpart, Olaf Scholz, said it was "very good news for tax justice and solidarity and bad news for tax havens". »

A complete human genome sequence is close: how scientists filled in the gaps

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When the sequencing of the human genome was announced two decades ago by the Human Genome Project and biotech firm Celera Genomics, the sequence was not truly complete.

Now, researchers in the Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) Consortium, an international collaboration that comprises around 30 institutions, have filled in those gaps.

The newly sequenced genome — dubbed T2T-CHM13 — adds nearly 200 million base pairs to the 2013 version of the human genome sequence. »

FBI Probes Allegation That DeJoy Used Illegal Scheme to Rise as GOP Megadonor

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As first reported by The Washington Post, FBI agents have been looking into campaign contributions potentially made by people currently and formerly employed by DeJoy.

The investigation follows another Washington Post report from September that, if true, could mean that DeJoy used potentially illegal methods to fuel his rise as a GOP fundraiser.

Such a donation and reimbursement scheme would be illegal, according to laws prohibiting the use of “straw donors.”. »