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Friday June 4th, 2021 day edition

image for Shrek Has Been Inducted Into the National Film Registry

Every year, the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry chooses 25 films of historical, cultural, or aesthetic significance to be marked for preservation.

This year’s inductees date as far back as 1913, and include seven movies by filmmakers of color and nine directed by women, as well as a Stanley Kubrick classic, a landmark superhero film, and Shrek.

Yes, it only took 800 movies to get to it, but the National Film Registry has finally deemed the 2001 fart-com Shrek worthy of saving for posterity.

Other popular inductees include A Clockwork Orange (1971), Grease (1978), The Blues Brothers (1980), The Joy Luck Club (1993), and The Dark Knight (2008).

TCM will air a special showcasing this year’s inductees on Tuesday, December 15 at 8 p.m.

Below is the full list of 2020’s new entries into the National Film Registry:. »

Baby boomers are more sensitive than millennials, according to the largest-ever study on narcissism

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Generally speaking, as individuals in the study got older, they became less sensitive and the researchers found hypersensitivity sharply declined after a person turned 40.

But when the researchers looked at generation-specific trends, they noticed that overall, older generations were more sensitive than younger generations.

According to Chopik, this could be due to generation-specific events that shaped study participants’ outlooks on life. »

‘Dark’ ships off Argentina ring alarms over possible illegal fishing

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And now, a new report shows that many of these ships are turning off their satellite tracking systems for extended periods of time.

As the report says, instances of turning off AIS tend to suggest that vessels are trying to avoid detection while doing something illegal.

“Six hundred thousand hours — that’s just a large amount of time in which there’s no accountability for the fishing vessels in this area.”. »

At least 17 police officers remain out of work with injuries from the Capitol attack

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Nearly five months after the January 6 Capitol riot, at least 17 police officers remain out of work due to injuries sustained during the attack.

In total, more than 150 officers were injured in the attack: 86 Capitol Police officers reported injuries, the sources said, along with 65 members of the Metropolitan Police Department, Chief Robert Contee testified in January.

Contee also said that even more D.C. police officers sustained injuries they "did not even bother to report," including scratches, bruises and eyes burned from chemical spray. »