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Wednesday June 2nd, 2021 night edition

image for Link between Paracetamol Use during Pregnancy, Autism and ADHD Symptoms Supported by New Study

The newly reported study, which included more than 70,000 children in six European cohorts, found that children exposed to paracetamol before birth were 19% more likely to develop ASC symptoms and 21% more likely to develop ADHD symptoms than those who were not exposed.

The paper is titled, “Prenatal and postnatal exposure to acetaminophen in relation to autism spectrum and attention‑deficit and hyperactivity symptoms in childhood: Meta‑analysis in six European population‑based cohorts.”.

At some point during pregnancy, an estimated 46-56% of pregnant women in developed countries use paracetamol, which is considered the safest analgesic/antipyretic for pregnant women and children.

However, mounting evidence has linked prenatal paracetamol exposure to poorer cognitive performance, more behavioral problems, and ASC and ADHD symptoms, the authors noted.

“Furthermore, these studies did not address relevant unsolved questions regarding the link between early acetaminophen exposure and ASC and ADHD symptoms,” the team wrote.

The most consistent pattern of results was observed for the association between prenatal acetaminophen exposure and ADHD symptoms, the team added.

The study also analyzed postnatal exposure to paracetamol and found no association between paracetamol use during childhood and ASC symptoms. »

Arizona plans to execute prisoners with the same deadly gas used by the Nazis at Auschwitz, documents show

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The state of Arizona has plans to use hydrogen cyanide, the deadly gas used by the Nazis at Auschwitz and other extermination camps, to kill inmates on death row, documents obtained by The Guardian's Ed Pilkington showed.

The Arizona Department of Corrections spent more than $2,000 in procuring the ingredients for the gas, The Guardian reported, citing the partially redacted documents.

It's also used in Arizona in 5-gram doses to cause a fatal overdose, The Guardian said. »

University of Edinburgh scientists successfully test cancer-killing ‘Trojan Horse’ drug

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Researchers have successfully tested a “Trojan Horse” drug which can kill cancer and bacterial cells without damaging nearby healthy tissue.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh combined the tiny cancer-killing molecule SeNBD with a chemical food compound to trick malignant cells into ingesting it.

READ MORE: CANCER: Scotland has the highest rate of liver cancer deaths in the UK. »

Nvidia announces new RTX 3080 Ti, priced at $1,199 and launching June 3rd

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The RTX 3080 Ti ships with more VRAM than the RTX 3080, with 12GB of GDDR6X in total.

RTX 3080 Ti specs RTX 3090 RTX 3080 Ti RTX 3080 RTX 3090 RTX 3080 Ti RTX 3080 GPU clusters 82 80 68 CUDAs 10496 10240 8704 RTs 82 80 68 Tensor 328 320 272 ROPs 112 112 96 Boost clock 1695MHz 1665Mhz 1710Mhz Memory 24GB G6X 12GB G6X 10GB G6X Bus 384-bit 384-bit 320-bit Bandwidth 936 GB/s 912 GB/s 760 GB/s TDP 350W 350W 320W Price $1,499 $1,199 $699.

Nvidia is also including its cryptocurrency nerf on the RTX 3080 Ti, much like new RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 cards. »

We’re not the good guys: Osaka shows up problems of press conferences

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Naturally it was to FQM that my thoughts turned when the world No 2 Naomi Osaka announced that she would be boycotting press conferences at the French Open in order to preserve her mental health.

And yet, the resounding chorus of condemnation and blind outrage suggests that there are some surprisingly strong feelings out there.

And one of the world’s best athletes would literally rather quit a grand slam tournament than have to talk to the press. »