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Wednesday June 2nd, 2021 evening edition

image for Exclusive: In the office full-time? No thanks, say 86 per cent of tech professionals - CityAM

Sixty per cent are happy to work from the office occasionally and spend the rest of the week working from home.

“Hybrid working is the new deal breaker for tech professionals,” stressed Mark Chaffey, co-founder and CEO of Hackajob.

“Although working from home may not have been the easiest for individuals this past year, tech professionals clearly find the value in not being in the office every day.

He added tech professionals are just as productive when working from home, even more so in fact thanks to fewer distractions and no commute.

Interestingly, the survey reveals that 80 per cent of tech professionals don’t think they will be working for the same company in two years.

More than half (57 per cent) of tech professionals want to be assessed on their skills, not their CVs or indeed their gender, ethnicity, education, sexuality, disability and socio-economic status.

Nearly a third (32 per cent) of people who do not identify as male rate their company’s D&I policy as either ‘satisfactory’ or ‘poor’. »

‘Unbelievable:’ Children, 12 and 14, use AK-47, other guns in shooting rampage on Volusia deputies

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Deputies were near a trail when a resident approached and said glass was heard shattering at a nearby home.

Deputies said the children grabbed the guns and opened fire at deputies at about 8:30 p.m.

12- And 14-Year-Old Open Fire On Deputies After Breaking Into Home; 1 Shooter Is Shot And Wounded — Volusia Sheriff (@VolusiaSheriff) June 2, 2021. »

A Self-Driving Truck Got a Shipment Cross-Country 10 Hours Faster Than a Human Driver

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A human driver took the wheel for the first 60 miles or so, from Nogales to Tucson—but from there the truck went on auto-pilot, and not just for a little while.

It drove itself all the way to Dallas, 950 miles to the east (there was a human safety driver on board the whole time, but not controlling the truck).

From Dallas, the human driver took over again and drove the final 200 miles to a distribution center in Oklahoma City. »

Dana White teases health benefits for UFC fighters ‘soon’

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UFC President, Dana White, recently hinted that UFC fighters could soon see long-term health benefits coming their way.

This marks the first time in a long time that White has made a public statement about new benefits for UFC fighters.

No other major mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion currently offers their fighters (often viewed as contractors, not employees) full-time health benefits. »