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Wednesday June 2nd, 2021 day edition

image for Labour demands 'urgent investigation' into the Conservatives after Boris Johnson's party declares donations from companies that don't exist

Labour demands 'urgent investigation' into the Conservatives after Boris Johnson's party declares donations from companies that don't exist.

EXCLUSIVE: Labour says Electoral Commission must open "urgent investigation" into potentially illegal donations.

Insider reported that the Conservative Party received donations from nonexistent companies.

In a letter to Bob Posner, the commission's chief executive, on Tuesday, Labour Party Chair Anneliese Dodds called for an investigation to examine three donations totalling £20,000 made to the party by two companies, Stridewell Estates and Unionist Buildings.

Under the law, the Electoral Commission can levy fines as a sanction of up to £20,000 per offense.

"The law needs changing so political donations from companies can only derive from genuine commercial activities.".

The Conservatives had previously told Insider: "Donations to the Conservative Party are properly and transparently declared to the Electoral Commission and are published by them.". »

Trump is telling people he thinks he'll be 'reinstated' as president in August, according to a report

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Pro-Trump personalities such as MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell have pushed the baseless claim for months.

Former President Donald Trump has been telling people he thinks he'll return to the White House as the sitting president by August, the New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted on Tuesday.

The anticipation of a Trump reinstatement on a certain date could spread further among the most dedicated Trump supporters. »

Joe Biden Blames Trouble Passing Voting Rights on 2 Dems 'Who Vote More' With GOP

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President Joe Biden has blamed two Democratic Senators who "vote more with" Republicans for Democrats' difficulties in passing voting rights legislation through Congress.

Biden said that the "sacred right" to vote is currently "under assault with incredible intensity" during his speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Tuesday.

Biden characterized the current Democratic voting rights push as a crucial component of racial justice. »

Firefox now blocks cross-site tracking by default in private browsing

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Mozilla says that Firefox users will be protected against cross-site tracking automatically while browsing the Internet in Private Browsing mode.

This is because, starting with the Firefox 89 version released today, Total Cookie Protection will be enabled by default in Private Browsing windows.

"This principle is now enforced in Firefox Private Browsing windows by creating a separate cookie jar for every website you visit.". »

‘SpongeBob’ and ‘Transformers’ Cost U.S. Taxpayers $4 Billion, Study Says

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Moving licensing rights to SpongeBob from one country to another is just a matter of paperwork.

Jeffery Kadet, an expert on international taxation and an instructor at the University of Washington School of Law, said the moves are akin to self-dealing.

ViacomCBS’s tax arrangements, which appear to be legal, take advantage of disparate tax codes across nations, the study said. »