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Monday May 31st, 2021 morning edition

image for Ban on flavored vaping may have led teens to cigarettes, study suggests

After all, tobacco use poses a significant threat to public health and health equity, and flavors are particularly attractive to youth.

But according to a new study from the Yale School of Public Health (YSPH), that law may have had the opposite effect.

Analyses found that, after the ban’s implementation, high school students’ odds of smoking conventional cigarettes doubled in San Francisco’s school district relative to trends in districts without the ban, even when adjusting for individual demographics and other tobacco policies.

The study, published in JAMA Pediatrics on May 24, is believed to be the first to assess how complete flavor bans affect youth smoking habits.

“These findings suggest a need for caution,” said Abigail Friedman, the study’s author and an assistant professor of health policy at YSPH.

Friedman used data on high school students under 18 years of age from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System’s 2011-2019 school district surveys.

Prior to the ban’s implementation, past-30-day smoking rates in San Francisco and the comparison school districts were similar and declining. »

Israeli opposition figures reach deal aimed at ousting Netanyahu

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The far-right Israeli politician Naftali Bennett and opposition leader Yair Lapid have agreed to forge a coalition government that would oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from his 12 straight years in power.

Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been prime minister of Israel for 12 years, has been indicted in three separate corruption cases.

If Lapid fails to announce a government by Wednesday, a fifth Israeli election later this year is a possible outcome. »

The age of killer robots may have already begun

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A drone that can select and engage targets on its own attacked soldiers during a civil conflict in Libya.

Why it matters: If confirmed, it would likely represent the first-known case of a machine-learning-based autonomous weapon being used to kill, potentially heralding a dangerous new era in warfare.

It's not clear whether any soldiers were killed in the attack, although the UN experts — which call the drone a "lethal autonomous weapons system" — imply they likely were. »

Naomi Osaka fined $15K by tennis officials for refusing media for sake of mental health

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Tennis champion Naomi Osaka was fined $15,000 after she announced that she would not do media interviews during the French Open, saying she was prioritizing her mental health.

Naomi Osaka looks up after she won her final match against Jennifer Brady at the Australian Open in Melbourne on Feb. 20.

"The mental health of players competing in our tournaments and on the Tours is of the utmost importance to the Grand Slams.". »