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Saturday May 29th, 2021 night edition

image for Simone Biles should be praised, not punished for achieving a feat that was deemed impossible

However, the undervaluation of Biles' performance by judges is bringing attention yet again to how the athlete has repeatedly been punished rather than rewarded for her greatness, and the double standards applied to reception to her performances.

This has happened to Biles before in other routines through the years, as she executes moves that no other female gymnasts have attempted or completed.

In other words, on a technical and cultural level, Biles, a young Black woman, is being punished and subjected to undeniably racist and sexist double standards for her greatness.

From Semenya to Biles, they and other Black women athletes face the same, intertwined racism and misogyny.

Since her post-Yurchenko double pike snub over the weekend, Biles has criticized this judging, but has mostly just been celebrating her phenomenal achievement, as she should.

That's not on me," Biles told the New York Times about the low scoring of her new moves.

In a tweet on Monday, she also expressed her continued, shocked joy, writing, "I'm sorry but I can't believe I competed a double pike on vault. »

Efficient meat and dairy farming needed to curb methane emissions, study finds

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But a new study finds that improving the efficiency of livestock production will be an even more effective strategy for reducing global methane emissions.

The authors found in the past two decades, advances in farming have made it possible to produce meat, eggs and milk with an increasingly smaller methane footprint.

The authors show that improving the efficiency of livestock farming, especially in some emerging economies, will be necessary to make meaningful cuts to methane emissions. »

Amazon Wants to Eat Health Care Next

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The result would be great profits for people like him and the companies in which he invested, as health care would become as personalized and consumer-driven as shopping for clothes online.

Following years of rumor and hype about its health care intentions, it was reported this week that Amazon may soon launch brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

Amazon also has a forthcoming public health care offering known as Amazon Care, in which it will offer telemedicine and in-person care. »

Microsoft says SolarWinds hackers have struck again at the US and other countries

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Cybersecurity has been a major focus for the US government following the revelations that hackers had put malicious code into a tool published by SolarWinds.

Microsoft (MSFT) said that at least a quarter of the targets of this week's attacks were involved in international development, humanitarian, and human rights work, across at least 24 countries.

The hackers custom-tailored their attacks to each target, in an apparent effort to reduce the chances of being detected. »

Amazon’s mental health kiosk mocked on social media as a ‘Despair Closet’

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The human-sized box has an interactive kiosk inside, where workers can watch videos about “mental health” and “mindfulness practices”.

“I feel like livable wages and working conditions are better than a mobile Despair Closet,” writer Talia Levin tweeted.

i feel like livable wages & working conditions are better than a mobile Despair Closet — Talia Lavin (@chick_in_kiev) May 27, 2021. »