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Monday May 24th, 2021 evening edition

image for If Apple is the only organisation capable of defending our privacy, it really is time to worry

At the heart of the switch is a code known as “the identifier for advertisers” or IDFA.

Which explains why those who profit from the data-tracking racket had for months been going apeshit about Apple’s perfidy.

Some of the defensive PR mounted on their behalf, for example Facebook’s weeping about the impact on small, defenceless businesses, defied parody.

It will be a while until we know for sure whether the apocalyptic fears of the data-trackers were accurate.

It takes time for most iPhone users to install operating system updates and so these are still relatively early days.

One data analytics company, for example, has found that in the early weeks the daily opt-out rate for American users has been about 94%.

An intriguing (and counterintuitive) post on the Noahpinion blog on why the economic impact of pandemic lockdowns is not what you think. »

Posts to Reddit forum “SuicideWatch” spike in the early hours of Monday morning

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The researchers looked at the timings at which users of the Reddit forum “SuicideWatch” posted online.

The forum is a moderated online community for individuals who are either at risk of, or know someone who is at risk of suicide.

In addition, the early morning peak in SuicideWatch posts precedes the time of day during which suicide attempts and deaths most commonly occur. »

Sen. Ron Johnson Doesn’t Care If Your Wages Don’t Cover Childcare. ‘The Marketplace’ Has Spoken

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), who collects a $174,000 salary, thinks that there is a “downside” to paying workers a living wage enough to cover expenses such as childcare.

In calling for an end to enhanced unemployment benefits, Sen. Ron Johnson says he's worried wages are rising too much too quickly. — A.J. Bayatpour (@AJBayatpour) May 23, 2021.

“Wages are set in the marketplace and businesses pay what wages they can afford based on the competitive situation,” Johnson said. »