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Sunday May 23rd, 2021 day edition

image for Arrests on Vancouver Island over old-growth logging blockades tally 33 on Saturday

The activists, some of whom have chained themselves in place, say they're protesting the logging of B.C.'s last remaining old-growth forests.

Five of them have been termed "blockades," while one — the Walbran Camp — was set up to observe logging activity.

All of the main camps and blockades lie in valley bottoms on narrow dirt logging roads.

On Saturday RCMP Sgt. Chris Manseau said officers arrested six more people at the Waterfall camp for breaching the B.C. Supreme Court injunction order.

Officers trained in high angle rescue also arrested two people who were in a platform suspended from trees hear the Hatten area.

I have just been released from jail after being arrested blocking old growth logging at Fairy Creek Headwaters.

Among those arrested on Saturday was Tzeporah Berman, director of the environmental organization, who was also arrested for participating in logging protests 30 years ago on Vancouver Island. »

Ford, not Tesla, is making the electric truck that will change the EV industry

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The F-150 Lightning is the company's first electric truck.

This is an "essential step" in getting America to adopt electric vehicles, said Ben Prochazka, executive director of EV advocacy group Electrification Coalition.

"We redesigned [the F-150] to be friendly to first-time battery electric vehicle owners," said Darren Palmer, Ford's battery electric vehicle general manager for North America. »

Anti-Netanyahu protesters blame PM for Gaza escalation

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Anti-Netanyahu protesters gathered outside the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem on Saturday night, protest organizers and Israeli media reported.

It has been proved once more that Netanyahu is dangerous for Israel and there is no red line he won't cross.

"The Ein Matzav protest organization said that Netanyahu "dragged the State of Israel into a pointless war against public interest and security interests and caused great damage to Israel's security and image in the world. »

How "Nathan’s Famous" Became America’s Top Dog

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A hundred years after its founding, the most famous hot dog stand in the country, Nathan’s Famous, is still one of the best.

Ill-equipped to make a living in his new adopted land, Nathan opened a food stand on Brooklyn’s Coney Island.

When customers saw these “doctors” eating Nathan’s five-cent hot dogs, they figured the product was healthy enough for them too. »