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Tuesday May 18th, 2021 night edition

image for Matt Gaetz Associate Joel Greenberg Pleads Guilty to Sex-trafficking

Joel Greenberg, a former tax collector in Florida's Seminole Country, will plead guilty to six federal charges—including sex trafficking a minor—at a court hearing at 10 a.m.

In the plea agreement, Greenberg admitted to recruiting women for commercial sex acts and paying them more than $70,000 between 2016 and 2018.

Read more Matt Gaetz Blasts Investigation, Says He is a 'Wanted Man by the Deep State' Matt Gaetz Blasts Investigation, Says He is a 'Wanted Man by the Deep State'.

Greenberg also admitted to paying at least one underage girl to have sex with him and others as part of his plea deal.

Prosecutors said Greenberg connected with the girl on a website where she said she was an adult.

When the news of Greenberg's guilty plea broke on Thursday, Gaetz spokesman Harlan Hill questioned Greenberg's credibility.

"The first indictment of Joel Greenberg alleges that he falsely accused another man of sex with a minor for his own gain. »

Bruce Willis & John Travolta To Reteam For First Time Since ‘Pulp Fiction’ In ‘Paradise City’; Praya Lundberg Also Stars

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Willis plays renegade bounty hunter, Ryan Swan, who must carve his way through the Hawaiian crime world to wreak vengeance on the kingpin, played by Travolta, who murdered his father.

I’m told the project is billed as being similar to Miami Vice but with bounty hunters instead of cops.

She also led campaigns for Lux and Mistine Cosmetics and she is a brand ambassador for Under Armour and Swarovski. »

New study of how US recreational cannabis legalization could change illegal drug markets

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As of 2021, 17 US states and the District of Columbia have implemented RCLs that allow people aged 21 and older to possess, use and supply limited amounts of cannabis for recreational purposes.

This study found that the implementation of RCLs was associated with the following responses in the illegal drug market in those states:.

Full citation for article: Meinhofer A and Rubli A (2021) Illegal drug market responses to state recreational cannabis laws. »

The Supreme Court just took a case that poses a major threat to Roe v. Wade

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That means that Dobbs will be the first abortion case to be fully briefed and argued before the Supreme Court since Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation last October.

Barrett is an outspoken opponent of abortion, and she joined a Court that almost certainly already had five votes to roll back abortion rights before her confirmation gave Republicans a 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court.

Indeed, it potentially gives them a vehicle to overrule Roe v. Wade in its entirety and permit outright bans on abortion. »

Joel Greenberg pleads guilty to sex trafficking as banner flown above court reads ‘tick tock Matt Gaetz’

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A plane has flown a banner above US District Court in Orlando, Florida reading “Tick Tock Matt Gaetz” as the GOP congressman’s ally Joel Greenberg pleaded guilty to sex trafficking a minor, among other charges, potentially aiding prosecutors in a related investigation involving the Republican congressman.

Mr Gaetz was not named in court documents filed in US District Court on Friday.

Greenberg has admitted to “commercial sex acts” with a minor “at least seven times” while she was under 18 years old, according to court documents. »