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Sunday May 16th, 2021 night edition

image for 12 Influencers Are Behind Most Anti-Vax Hoaxes On Social Media, Surprising Research Reveals

Startling research has revealed that only a dozen people are responsible for most of the hoaxes and lies about COVID-19 vaccines on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Yet social media companies have failed to adequately police the dangerous misinformation and its spreaders, according to the organization that listed what it called the “Disinformation Dozen.”

The misinformation superspreaders are continuing to fuel vaccine reluctance among millions of Americans, which threatens to become a major hurdle to conquering the pandemic.

The “Disinformation Dozen” produce 65% of the shares of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms, concluded the nonprofit Center for Countering Digital Hate.

In a follow-up report Thursday, the organization called on social media platforms to take more decisive action to eradicate dangerous misinformation about the vaccines.

Members of Congress and state attorneys general have strongly urged Facebook and Twitter to ban the 12 influencers.

Facebook moved Thursday against several of the accounts, according to NPR, which was the first to report the new research. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene Allegedly Violated Georgia Tax Law By Claiming Two Permanent Residences

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Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has allegedly violated a Georgia tax law by claiming permanent residence at two different addresses.

Greene allegedly filed two active homestead exemptions in her 2020 Georgia state tax documents, according to WSB-TV.

Greene and her husband allegedly filed for two exemptions by listing two different residences in two different counties. »

Does speed reading training actually work?

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Anyway, speed reading seemed to disappear until recently, when it was reintroduced on those late night mail order "infomercials."

But the speed readers’ comprehension was invariably worse, often a lot worse, than that of the normal readers.

What’s more, the speed readers out-comprehended the skimmers only when asked general questions about easy material. »

Studying science isn’t what makes students less religious

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College majors that focus on inquiry rather than applying knowledge are more likely to secularize students, according to a new study that breaks with the traditional claim that exposure to science leads people away from religion.

This effect holds true even for white, conservative Protestants, who are more likely to secularize if they study an inquiry-based field.

Though this is a small difference, sociologists looking at long-term social change say a small effect every year for decades eventually adds up. »

Marv Albert retiring after NBA playoffs

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Marv Albert will retire at the conclusion of the NBA playoffs, The Post has learned.

Sources said TNT, where Albert has been the lead play-by-player for more than two decades, recently began contacting NBA personnel to pay tribute to Albert during the playoffs.

Marv Albert is retiring after a legendary broadcasting career. »