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Monday May 10th, 2021 day edition

image for Officers shouldn’t have fired into Breonna Taylor’s home, report says

"They took a total of thirty-two shots, when the provided circumstances made it unsafe to take a single shot.

This is how the wrong person was shot and killed," Meyer wrote, according to the report.

"Ms. Taylor's safety should have been considered before he (Mattingly) returned fire," Meyer wrote.

While Walker was not injured in the shooting, Taylor was shot six times, including at least once by Mattingly, according to Meyer's report.

An FBI ballistics report found that Cosgrove fired the fatal shot, while Hankison, who was standing outside the apartment, fired 10 errant rounds through a sliding glass patio door that had the blinds drawn.

Kentucky State Attorney General Daniel Cameron determined that Cosgrove and Mattingly were justified in their use of deadly force because Walker fired the first shot.

But Walker and multiple neighbors in the area said they never heard officers knock or announce themselves. »

Electric cars ‘will be cheaper to produce than fossil fuel vehicles by 2027’

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Electric vehicles reaching price parity with the internal combustion engine is seen as a key milestone in the world’s transition from burning fossil fuels.

By 2030, the same electric car is forecast to cost €16,300 before tax, while the petrol car would cost €19,900.

Julia Poliscanova, T&E’s senior director for vehicles and emobility, said stricter CO2 targets were needed to accelerate the switch to electric. »