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Wednesday April 28th, 2021 night edition

image for Democrats, Sanders Demand Biden Release Secret Covid Vaccine Contracts Inked Under Trump

Dozens of congressional Democrats and Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday urged top Biden officials to release unredacted copies of multi-billion-dollar coronavirus vaccine contracts that the Trump administration negotiated in secret with major pharmaceutical companies last year—and refused to divulge to lawmakers.

"Taxpayers should know how their funds were spent and what secret deals were reached.".

"Taxpayers are serving as the angel investors in Covid-19 vaccine and therapeutic development, assuming the costs and risk," the letter reads.

As NPR reported in September, the Trump administration worked to dodge the "regulatory oversight and transparency of traditional federal contracting mechanisms" by issuing massive vaccine contracts to Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and other major drugmakers "through a nongovernment intermediary.".

"ATI then awarded contracts to companies working on Covid-19 vaccines.".

NEW: This morning I led an effort with @BernieSanders, @SenWarren, & @janschakowsky, in a group of 50 lawmakers urging disclosure of secret COVID vaccine + therapeutic contracts with which the Trump Admin gave Big Pharma billions but refused to disclose full terms of these deals. — Lloyd Doggett (@RepLloydDoggett) April 26, 2021. »

Citizen Kane loses 100% "Fresh" rating after 80-year-old negative review added to Rotten Tomatoes

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"'Citizen Kane' Fails to Impress Critic as Greatest Ever Filmed" runs the headline, followed by superficially respectful but withering criticism.

The unimpressed write-up was spotted by @Caulimovirus on Twitter: "Rotten Tomatoes literally dug up an 80 year old negative review of Citizen Kane and now the movie no longer has a 100% fresh rating".

Rotten Tomatoes literally dug up an 80 year old negative review of Citizen Kane and now the movie no longer has a 100% fresh rating — Screaming Pectoriloquy (@Caulimovirus) April 26, 2021. »

Drought-hit California moves to halt Nestlé from taking millions of gallons of water

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California water officials have moved to stop Nestlé from siphoning millions of gallons of water out of California’s San Bernardino forest, which it bottles and sells as Arrowhead brand water, as drought conditions worsen across the state.

Last year the company drew out about 58m gallons, far surpassing the 2.3m gallons per year it could validly claim.

Nestlé has sucked up, on average, 25 times as much water as it may have a right to, according to the Story of Stuff Project, an environmental group that has been fighting to stop the bottled water company’s pumping in California for years. »

Vertical turbines could be the future for wind farms

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The now-familiar sight of traditional propeller wind turbines could be replaced in the future with wind farms containing more compact and efficient vertical turbines.

New research from Oxford Brookes University has found that the vertical turbine design is far more efficient than traditional turbines in large scale wind farms, and when set in pairs the vertical turbines increase each other’s performance by up to 15%.

The research demonstrates for the first time at a realistic scale, the potential of large scale VAWTs to outcompete current HAWT wind farm turbines. »