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Wednesday April 28th, 2021 morning edition

image for Democrats Criticize Justice Barrett for Declining to Recuse from Case of Koch-Funded Group that Spent Heavily on Ads to Confirm Her

“Justice Barrett is ignoring important ethical standards to rule on a case that could open our democracy to further infiltration by dark-money influence, perhaps permanently,” Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) told Forbes.

The companion cases both concern First Amendment challenges to a California law which requires some opaque nonprofit groups to divulge certain donor information to the IRS.

The lead petitioner in the case is a nonprofit run by billionaires David Koch and Charles Koch.

During Barrett’s relatively painless confirmation process, the group spent in excess of $1 million on ads boosting her image.

Americans for Prosperity, the conservative advocacy group backed by billionaire mega-donor Charles Koch, recently launched ads to urge senators to confirm Barrett.

The spots are running in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah and West Virginia.

“We hope you will consider seriously and address publicly the question of recusal in this case,” that letter concluded. »

New Beyond Burger 3.0 debuts amid calls for alt meat research support

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It comes at a time when some are asking why there isn't federal funding for plant-based meat, the way there has long been for animal meat.

The new Beyond Burger formulation has less fat, saturated fat, and calories than both its predecessor formula and 80/20 ground beef made from animals.

Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives. »

Body cam video shows Alameda officer kneeling on Mario Gonzalez before death

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However, late Tuesday afternoon, Alameda police released the roughly hourlong video, which showed an officer's elbow on Gonzalez's neck, and his knee placed on the Oakland man's right shoulder.

Gonzalez never tried to kick or threaten the officers, said Sherwin, who reviewed the body camera video of an "Officer McKinley" with the family.

Alameda police had no immediate response regarding the family's statement other than releasing the police-worn body camera footage. »

COVID: India to allow Amarnath pilgrimage despite surge in cases

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The pilgrims will visit the Amarnath cave shrine, perched 3,880-meters (12,730 feet) above sea level in the Himalayas.

The congregation of devotees during the pandemic has raised concerns among health experts in the region, who believe that the Amarnath pilgrimage could unleash disaster in Kashmir.

It would be better if the Amarnath pilgrimage was symbolic this year, and if just a few people were allowed to visit the shrine. »