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Thursday April 22nd, 2021 night edition

image for Ukraine President Zelensky Is Ready for War With Russia, Vows to 'Stand to the Last Man'

Yes," Zelensky said during a Tuesday address, according to The New York Times."

Our principle is simple: Ukraine does not start a war first, but Ukraine always stands to the last man.".

Zelensky's statements come on the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin's annual state of the union address Wednesday.

"It is impossible to bring peace on a tank," Zelensky said in Russian, before adding: "I am ready to invite you to meet anywhere in the Ukrainian Donbas where there is war.".

On April 15, Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba warned that if Russia crosses the 'red line,' that it will "suffer.".

"That is a deep concern not only to Ukraine but to the United States and indeed to many of our allies and partners.".

Later that day, President Joe Biden called on Russia to "de-escalate tensions" during a call with Russian President Vladimir Putin. »

Virginia city fires police officer over Rittenhouse donation

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NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — The Virginia city of Norfolk has fired a police lieutenant after news reports that said he donated to and expressed support for Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager accused of killing two people during a police brutality protest in Wisconsin last summer.

City officials announced Tuesday that police Lt. William Kelly had been “relieved of duty” after an internal investigation.

The City of Norfolk has a standard of behavior for all employees, and we will hold staff accountable,” City Manager Chip Filer said in a statement . »

TIL that our own stomach has to constantly secrete mucus to stop itself from being digested by our own stomach acid. Without that mucus, our stomach acid would eat through our stomach’s lining.

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Gastric mucus is a gel-mucous barrier secreted by epithelial cells and glandular cells in the stomach wall.

Mucus is secreted by the stomach epithelial cells, but the mucus is mainly secreted from foveolar cells, found in the necks of the gastric pits.

Mucus-secreting cells are the most abundant cell type in the stomach, giving indications of how important mucus is to the functioning stomach. »

Researchers Secretly Tried To Add Vulnerabilities to Linux Kernel, Ended Up Getting Banned

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However, some contributors have been caught today trying to submit patches stealthily containing security vulnerabilities to the Linux kernel, and they were caught by the Linux kernel maintainers.

They used the Linux kernel as one of their main experiments, due to its well-known reputation and adaptation around the world.

A number of these patches they submitted to the kernel were indeed successfully merged to the Linux kernel tree. »