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Monday April 19th, 2021 morning edition

image for Women are taking a 'rain check' on babies, and it could change the shape of the economy

The drop in births intensifies a pre-pandemic trend of decreasing birth rates and fertility rates.

It could slow down the economy in the long term, but it could also result in a delayed baby boom.

The drop continues a pre-pandemic trend of declining birth rates and fertility rates, as childbearing women, many of whom are millennials, delay having children.

Both of these rates decreased by 2% from 2017 to 2018, per the latest CDC data, with the birth rate hitting its lowest in 32 years.

"If we don't have innovations to make raising children either easier or more fun or less costly, we're in big trouble.".

Guillen said he thinks we'll see a higher number of births in 2022 and 2023, which could make preschools fuller.

"Generally, it would be better to have a smoother evolution of pace, but recessions always have their effect," he said. »

When Carl Burgos tried to sue for the Human Torch

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io9 has a lengthy excerpt that goes right to the heart of the glory days of Lee and Kirby.

Burgos was also at that time pursuing legal action against Marvel Comics over the Human Torch copyright.

I took as many of the comics as I could carry back to my room, like they were some treasure. »

Navajo Nation has no COVID-related deaths for 7th day in row

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Navajo Nation has no COVID-related deaths for 7th day in row.

The tribe on Saturday night reported no new deaths for the seventh consecutive day and just two new confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

Navajo Nation roads also are closed to visitors and tourists, which doesn’t affect travel on state highways that run through the reservation. »

Navalny's life is Putin's 'personal' responsibility, say Russian politicians

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"The state of health of political prisoner Alexey Navalny threatens his life," said the letter, signed by 11 politicians representing several regional parliaments, as they demanded an independent doctor is immediately allowed to visit Navalny.

CNN is unable to independently verify the state of Navalny's health.

"We regard what is happening in relation to Navalny as an attempt on the life of a politician, committed out of personal and political hatred," the letter, which is open for Russian citizens to sign, said. »

Two people killed in fiery Tesla crash with no one driving

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The cause of the crash, which happened at about 9PM local time in Spring, Texas (near Houston), is under investigation.

Authorities tried to contact Tesla for advice on putting out the fire; it’s not clear whether they received any response.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman told KPRC that “no one was driving” the fully-electric 2019 Tesla at the time of the crash. »