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Sunday April 18th, 2021 morning edition

image for Support for porn bans founded on religion, not science

Conservative politicians have been citing science to support anti-porn legislation, but according to surveys conducted from 1984 to 2018, the only Americans who still broadly support banning porn are biblical literalists — not science believers or skeptics.

In fact, an analysis found that a person's level of trust in scientific authority was mostly unrelated to favoring a ban on pornography.

Thus, he said, politicians cite science tactically, not sincerely: "You can't say anymore, 'We want to get rid of porn because it's wickedness.'

But it's completely legitimate to say, 'We want to get rid of porn because it's a public health crisis like opioids or meth.'".

The only group holding fast in their belief that porn distribution should be outlawed are the most theologically conservative Americans.

Across four statistical models, the odds that a biblical literalist would support a porn ban were roughly double that of other Americans.

Scientific authority, religious conservatism, and support for outlawing pornography, 1984–2018," published March 22 in Social Forces, was authored by Samuel L. Perry, University of Oklahoma. »

Police use Taser twice on Marine veteran in Colorado Springs hospital room

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Body camera video from Colorado Springs police officers shows the moments officers used a Taser on a Marine veteran in his daughter’s hospital room after refusing to hand over personal property to officers who failed to present a warrant, according to court documents.

The parents rushed to the hospital and were at their daughter’s bedside when several officers from the Colorado Springs Police Department entered the pediatrics ICU room.

A spokesperson with the Colorado Springs Police Department did clarify that a complaint was not filed with the police department following the incident. »

Pelosi Laptop Thief's Dad Busted On Child Porn Charges In Undercover Sting

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The father of a Pennsylvania woman who stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop was busted on child porn charges after asking an undercover detective posing as a teenage girl online to film herself using the bathroom, news reports say.

During the course of this alleged communication, Williams, of Steelton, requested a video of the girl using the bathroom, Local21news reports.

F3 Criminal Use Of Communication Facility--Criminal Solicitation - Photograph/Film/Depict on Computer Sex Act - Knowingly or Permitting Child. »