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Friday April 16th, 2021 evening edition

image for 'Completely Unreasonable': Dems Slam GOP Demand for No Corporate Tax Hikes in Infrastructure Plan

Republicans are unserious and there is simply no reason for Democrats to cut the bill by 60% or more.".

"Our analysis of CBO data shows corporate revenue is down nearly 40% from the 21st century average since Republicans' tax giveaway," said Wyden.

"In 2018, the United States was dead last among OECD countries in how much corporate tax revenue it collected as a share of GDP.".

"Republicans' insistence that the most profitable companies in the world shouldn't contribute a single penny to investments in roads, schools, and our clean-energy future is simply not acceptable," the Oregon Democrat added.

Earlier this week, Capito said an infrastructure package totaling between $600-$800 billion—a dramatic cut to Biden's opening offer—would be the "sweet spot" for Republicans.

While corporate tax hikes are anathema to big business-friendly Republicans, they are broadly popular with the U.S. public.

More Than 3 in 5 Voters Support Corporate Tax Hike to Fund Biden’s Infrastructure Plan via @byclairew — Morning Consult (@MorningConsult) April 7, 2021. »

With impressive accuracy, dogs can sniff out coronavirus

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A proof-of-concept investigation published today in the journal PLOS ONE suggests that specially trained detection dogs can sniff out COVID-19-positive samples with 96% accuracy.

In this initial study, researchers found the dogs could do that, but training must proceed with great care and, ideally, with many samples.

Eight Labrador retrievers and a Belgian Malinois that had not done medical-detection work before were used in the study. »

New Zealand wants to ban cigarette sales to anyone born after 2004 as part of plan to make nation ‘smoke free’ by 2025

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Under the country’s Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan, New Zealand hopes to gradually increase the legal smoking age and ultimately prohibit cigarette sales to anyone born after 2004.

The initiative also calls for a significant reduction in the level of nicotine allowed in tobacco and places restrictions on where cigarettes can be sold.

New Zealanders have been invited to “provide feedback” about the action plan, which was formally released on Thursday. »

Gynecologist Exiled From China Says 80 Sterilizations Per Day Forced on Uyghurs

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In a recent interview, an exiled doctor from the Uyghur ethnic minority provided a vivid account of forced sterilizations carried out in Xinjiang, China.

"On some days there were about 80 surgeries to carry out forced sterilizations," Gülgine, 47, said in an interview with The Sankei Shimbun, according to Japan Forward.

Gülgine added to reporters that forced sterilization has persisted in Xinjiang since around 1980, one year after China instated its "one child policy." »

MyPillow CEO's New 'Free Speech' Social Media Platform Will Ban Porn

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CHASKA, Minn. — MyPillow CEO and Republican activist Mike Lindell has announced that his new “free speech” social media platform combining features of YouTube and Twitter will not allow adult content because “free speech is not pornography.”.

"Coming next week... a social media platform like no other," Lindell told his Parler followers.

The MyPillow CEO said he has spent “millions of dollars” on his new, designedly porn-averse platform. »