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Monday April 12nd, 2021 night edition

image for Matt Gaetz mocked for calling himself a ‘canceled man’ who’s ‘wanted by the Deep State’

That got some immediate blowback, including this zinger from Dr. Jeffrey Guterman, who responded to Gaetz with, “I heard you used Venmo only for minor purchases, Matt.”.

That, of course, refers to a detail in the case in which Gaetz sent money via to former Florida tax official Joel Greenberg via Venmo.

Then, about four hours after that first tweet, Gaetz offered a more reflective and expansive tweet, seemingly making the case more than about him.

As Brian Tyler Cohen assessed, “Dude thinks he’s some kind of a martyr for paying for sex.”.

Dude thinks he’s some kind of a martyr for paying for sex.

Matt Gaetz is blaming the investigation against him on “cancel culture” and the “Deep State.”.

“I had no role in commissioning this poll,” Gaetz wrote, “but the results do not surprise me. »

Rhino Numbers on the Rise: 16% increase in Nepal’s rhino numbers

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– Nepal’s rhino population has shown a promising 16% increment as indicated by the results of the National Rhino Count 2021 released by the Government of Nepal today.

Populations estimates are based on individual rhino information collected, categorized based on statistics such as sex, age group, and unique identifying features.

During the process, data on habitat conditions, invasive species in the area, and human activities in the region are also collected. »

Wall Street Bets traders are more skilled and responsible than they get credit for, a new academic study finds

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Traders who frequent Reddit's WallStreetBets forum don't get the credit they deserve when it comes to making investment decisions, according to a new research study.

The epic GameStop short-squeeze and subsequent congressional hearings catapulted Reddit's WallStreetBets into the mainstream earlier this year.

"In sharp contrast to regulators' concerns that WSB investment advice is harming retail traders, our findings suggest that both WSB posters and users are skilled," the study concluded. »

She sued for pregnancy discrimination. Now she’s battling Google’s army of lawyers

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Since then, Glasson says, battling to win her case has become a nearly full-time job, one that’s pitted her against a company with a global army of lawyers at the ready.

“It is heartbreaking to see how this impacts not just the person who is targeted by pregnancy discrimination, but the entire family.”.

In keeping with Google’s reporting guidelines, Glasson filed a complaint with human resources alleging pregnancy discrimination against her colleague. »